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October 27, 2018
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Melee Assassin
Ranged Assassin
Balance Patch - 9/25/18
SonRubster Z
Tier Two
Heroes who i get the stronges Carry potential or if i pick them in the right time/draft/map BUT they not Tier 1 cause i m still in silver
Tier Three
Heroes i m pretty good with them but i have no potential to rank in silver (In Broze kinda more)
Theoretically Carrys
Heroes I think they might be work or HOTSLOGS say they been good cause they have a win rate over 50% (so i have to find out witch i can do the most and pratice)
There are no comments for this tier list.
I think Raynor is not tier 1 to someone in low silver and bronze simply because they don't understand when to engage properly or use attack-move to maximize damage. He is a strong and balanced hero after the last few patches so he's in a good spot but bad for noob players.
That makes sence yes but its a personal help for me btw. hes not Tier 1 he´s 2 if he been 1 i would already out fo silver but not happening yet and i know how it work but in the end: If you dont know how a hero works then you not use to 100% so you will not reach the goal anyway normally. I open for some tips at the moment its hurts a lot cause i put far more time in that, that i should be already