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October 21, 2019
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ARAM Tier List
Balance Patch - 08/28/19
Tier One
You can carry a game single-handedly with these heroes. Includes Hammer who is banned. Usually ranged poke with insane stacking and/or CDR, and some excellent healers.
Tier Two
Good in every game, can carry in the absence of Tier 1 heroes. Assassins with good range, solid AOE supports, and a few bruisers with good sustain.
Tier Four
Feels like you're playing with half a hero, or extremely niche. Either poor wave clear, a low health pool, poor healing output, or just undertuned.
Tier Five
Might as well be playing 4v5. Heroes you need to be close up to have an impact with, or heroes made for 3 lane maps instead of 1.
There are no comments for this tier list.
Probius if played correctly is probably one of the best ARAM heroes. You can do so much work with the W quest at 1 and then Null Gate at 10 to keep people in your explosions.
Butcher is crazy in ARAM. There are constant fights, Butchers end games with 300-400 stacks easily.
Zagara just pushes the buildings from fog of war with banelings and has no mana/hp problems with Nydus.
Lunara has one of the best sustained damage output in the game and it scales well. Games are usually long, so she will scale to ridiculous level. If there's no sustained healer on enemy team it's almost an autowin, kinda like Gul'dan.
Sylvanas is kinda ridiculous because there's no camps or bosses, so you can't siege for a long time in the early game even if you wiped the enemy team. She lets you takes structures without waiting for the minions to arrive.
Where's Sgt. Hammer? She auto-wins if you get to 20, because core doesn't regenerate shield. Same for Ragnaros, Lava wave is much stronger than you may think and trait value is huge: he can stops pushes with it and teamfights are always within its range.
Hammer and Ragnaros are Tier 1 without a doubt.
Thanks for the comments guys!

Probius, I know that he has good upsides, but he's just such a weak hero. His health pool is tiny, he's like KT but with no stun. I can move him up to T4 but that's about it.
Butcher can be good, if your opponents drafted poorly. But if they actually got an ETC and an Arthas and a Lucio, he's just straight garbage.
Zagara has no mana/hp problems with Nydus, but neither do other heroes if you got decent picks. And then you have a bad teamfight hero without an ult.
Lunara of course has massive damage, but she dies so easily that she has a hard time actually throwing it out. Of course she has those upsides, but the downsides are too big.
Sylvannas, I think, is just good, agreed, but I can't move her up past T2 since she's not the best team fighter.
Sgt. Hammer is amazing at 20, but you gotta get to 20 first. I should move her up to T2 though.
Ragnaros also should be at least T2, you're right. Yeah, the more I look at his upsides, they're pretty crazy. I'll make some changes.
Thanks everyone!