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October 16, 2018
All Roles
Competitive/Team-play Tier List
Balance Patch - 9/25/18
Tier One
* Expect to see these heroes highly contested for most games. First rotation, all maps.
* Diablo is the ONLY tank you can first pick/first rotation and he fits into every comp on every map.
* Hanzo has moved back up, and is the higher skill-cap and higher ceiling Ranged DPS pick vs Fenix/Raynor.
* Meat Wagon is an S-Tier mount. Fite me.
Tier Two
* Jaina/Kael'thas is a bit odd, in that Jaina is a better option at high-MMR, but there is a breaking point at which Kael'thas is having more success.
* Alex/BW now on the "second tier" of a powerful Support meta.
* Kerrigan is a hero that is mechanically very difficult, and will see more success higher up. She'll also likely continue to go through a number of small nerfs.
* I am unapologetic in my love for Arthas right now.
Tier Three
* Most heroes here are some combination of map-specific, comp-specific, and/or countered by current meta trends.
* On Xul; he works in a very special circumstance and requires a lot to pull off. He's an outlier, but will keep an eye on my D2 spooky boi.
* Khara and Zera are good examples of MMR-specific heroes; they tend to be "better-played" at the top, less value as you slide down.
* Mephisto has taken nerfs; he's likely to stay down to Tier Three if the WR is poor.
* Mal'Ganis starts down here; closer to Joh/Arthas and his impact may be based on a high skill floor.
Tier Four
* More effective options exist that cover the same roles as the above.
* Most of these heroes are niche but can dominate in favorable conditions. You CAN play comps such as the Zul'jin-on-Braxis hyper-carry, or Illidan into no-CC and do very well if patient in draft.
Tier Five
* Look, if you want to pick 'em, I'm not going to stop you.
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Am a Caster for the Amateur Scene. Have spent the last few seasons in NGS, but do branch out and have worked in other areas.

This Tier List is designed to present players with a view of what heroes are currently high priority in coordinated play, and while it may correlate to the HL Ladder that is unintended. It also meant to provide some guidance across *all MMR Tiers*; and depending on your role it should present with a good look at what Heroes you should be looking to master.

That being said, there are always outliers. Abathur has almost always had top-tier value in competitive. Medivh occupies a place often outside of power level as a hero that is dependent on an individual's skill level and the strength of a group's teamwork.

I check in on this Tier List regularly, and try to keep up with HGC trends (in NA and EU primarily), as well as any stats I can parse from amateur leagues. Cheers!
My poor Sylvanas! Something must be done! I've been seeing alot of Sylvanas picks more recently which gives me hope.