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August 21, 2018
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Overall Tier List
New Season - 7/10/18
Tier One
Alex - Insane teamfighting potential with strong ultimates and dragonqueen. Strong AoE healing and sustain healing with Q build.

Whitemane - Q build negates her weakness of burst dive, in which she actually becomes the best healer at dealing with it. Only hard CC can kill a Whitemane or her team.

Malf - Well rounded AoE and burst healing with strong baseline CC in the form of roots. The loss of iceblock makes him more vulnerable to dive, but he is still very powerful.
Tier Two
Deckard - Well rounded support with strong set up moves. Reliant on his team for followup. Amazing at zoning and staying alive when dove upon.

Kharazim - Great at dealing with dive such as Tracer and Genji, and amazing at blow up comps with 7 Sided. Suffers against poke and sustain healing.

Rehgar - The most well rounded support in the game. Amazing at everything, Master of nothing. Good pick for early support drafts or if you may need a cleanse/waveclear/camper.
Tier Three
Stukov - I haven't played reworked Stukov, so I put him in the middle because I thought that was fair.

Uther - Amazing at enable comps and against strong burst. Requires very good team communication or else he will be poked to death.
Tier Four
Tier Five
These supports aren't bad, but very difficult to get use out of and are easily countered.
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Stukov should really be in his own tier.