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January 30, 2020
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SOLO storm league tierlist (23.01.2020))
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
Tier S (meta)
By far the strongest heroes.
these heroes are completely independent of your team and can be played without a support.
Tier ezdul (good heroes)
Not overpowered, but extremely good for solo queue in storm league.
Mephisto`s buffed W talents significantly improved his waveclear and he is a good mage on many maps
Tier iznogoud (situational heroes and counterpicks)
These heroes are mediocre. Some of them are extremely good as counterpicks, some of them are good on specific maps
TLV are significantly worse because of the latest EXP changes, even against aba it is much harder to gain an advantage (especially if there are high dps heroes|globals)
alexstrasza and gazlowe can be good on infernal shrines
Tier miwa (weak heroes)
These heroes are bad|team dependent for solo storm league. There is no sense in picking them because there are a lot of which can do the same but better.
sometimes they can be decent but it really depends on your skill and enemy team composition
Tier sormanoff (useless)
The worst heroes for solo storm league.
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