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November 29, 2018
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Overall Tier List
Balance Patch - 11/28/18
Tier One
First pick or ban phase. Strong enough to carry a game based on good game play. Difficult to counter. Not completely reliant on team to excel.
Tier Two
Strong hero, but just enough of a weakness to keep them from Tier 1. Requires specific or multiple counter picks to effectively counter or may be a good counter pick themselves. Strong but reliant on team to perform.
Tier Three
Average Hero, no glaring strengths/weaknesses or enough niche strengths to shore up their weaknesses when properly drafted. Often requires team to draft around them to a lesser extent. Not usually worth countering, or if so, not difficult to counter.
Tier Four
Below Average. Not great, high skill floor, have to draft entire team around, or super niche heroes that are only good on a small number of maps. Easy to counter.
Tier Five
Far Below Average. Very rarely worth picking, or only good in very specific situations.
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Didn't Sonya just get a pretty large nerf? Is she really still tier 1? I mean I love her, but the standard build of poisoned spear was nerfed to 100% and nerves was nerfed as well.
Sonya's strengths generally are in her ability to win or tie most solo lane matchups, clear waves, and to merc. She also brings good teamfight and has the choice between two good ults. Hitting her poisoned spear only impacts one of those three main strengths, and even then, I don't think its enough of a hit to bring down her ability to solo lane noticeably. She still can merc just as well as before and clear waves. The shield hit at 16 makes her a little less survivable in mid-late game teamfights, but I don't think that brings down her overall value, since much of what she brings to a team is in the early-mid game (pre-16). She is also still a safe early pick in draft (much like Greymane).

In short, she still does what she did before just as well, she is just a little less oppressive to fight in non-optimal solo lane matchups and a little squishier in late game teamfights.
what is your opnion about sonya now after the new block hotfix?
She definitly lost some power, and the rework feels like a mixed bag to me. She is still strong, but I feel like she lost some ground overall. Somewhere between Tier 2 (Strong) and 3 (Average).