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September 3, 2019
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Melee Assassin
Ranged Assassin
Solo Queue SL Carry (Below Masters)
Balance Patch - 08/28/19
Tier One
These heroes have almost everything a solo carry needs and they don't depend on maps or compositions.

This tier list is based on general potential of a hero when it comes to solo carrying. This means heroes who have things like good wave-clear, burst/sustained DPS and late game will automatically go higher. This tier list is not based on win-rate or popularity like i did last time.

Most of the tanks and healers are placed lower in this tier list because i think they generally rely and support the hard work of damage dealers and off-laners. But they are still very important and have solid statistics when it comes to winning of course. So try to fill them when necessary.

As you go higher in ranks, tanks become solid carry role because they are like leaders. If you're good in making decisions that may lead your team to victory, picking tank should be the go-to choice.

Healers are also nice to pick in higher ranks because players are kinda reliable and also if you want other roles to do the hard work.
Tier Two
These heroes are almost as good as Tier 1 but the plays made with them need to be quick and decisive which is quite easy in lower ranks because people generally play aggressive and fast.
Tier Three
These heroes are fairly viable in lower ranks but if the enemy team is making fast and decisive plays or your team is yolo'ing and feeding then it's hard to get any value because most of these heroes generally play slower. Also some of these heroes may get out-macro'ed easily early game.
Tier Four
These heroes are heavily dependent on team, map and compositions but still these are not the worst.
Tier Five
These heroes are either too much dependent on team or they are strong in one thing and worst in the rest. Its extremely hard to solo carry with these heroes.
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