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September 14, 2019
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Overall Tier List
Balance Patch - 08/28/19
Tier One
It isn't letting me update titles this is supposed to be "Competitive Scene Monthly Meta: September"

Tier one tends to have a nearly 100% popularity by the best teams in europe or north america.

Abathur, alarak and tracer are permabanned in europe from the best teams. Johanna has the highest play rate out of any hero in the highest leagues as she counters the meta tanks. ETC is veyr popular as well.

I move some people down if their wins are only against lower ranked teams. Uther for example tends to win against lower div teams but loses to similar ranked or higher ranked.
Tier Three
Situationally great, or just okay.

People like arthas can be a top tier counter pick, but is only okay as an early pick. Alexstrasza is another example, she is tier 1-2 on some maps while being tier 3-4 on others.
Tier Five
Sees little to no competitive play in the highest levels of competitive
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