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September 7, 2018
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Overall Tier List
Ballance Patch - 9/4/18
Tier One
The name of this tier list is *HL Carry Tier list for Tanks*

*sidenote for this tier list. The goal is heroes that are the best for carrying throughout the ranks. Some may thrive in higher or lower ranks but I want to pick people who can carry at nearly all ranks of TL. After coaching every rank of TL I have learned that wave clear and camp clear are some of the most important things.*

A Skilled diablo is the scariest thing in every rank. But don't be fooled his win rate is not amazing, so watch carefully, if your winrate is lower than 50% you may be playing him wrong.

Johanna at level 4 is the fastest wave clear of any tank, abuse it for free ranks. She also can last in long fights which happens a lot.

Stitches gets more and more waveclear in slam build. Also in low ranks people are always in positions for easy hooks, in high ranks a good hook is game ending. You don't need gorge to win games, don't underestimate w build with bile.
Tier Two
Anub has a ridiculous amount of CC and wave clear, but can be a tough tank without the right followup because of his low health.

ETC has a ton of self-healing and decent wave clear. A good mosh at high ranks is game ending and in low ranks people don't know how to counter mosh.

A good garrosh in low ranks can pretty much get a kill every time throw is up. A good garrosh in high ranks can zone entire objectives. He has moderate wave clear if needed.
Tier Three
Remember this is a HL tier list. Muradin is one of the most consistant tanks in HGC and high rank play, but with poor wave clear and him requiring his team to followup anything he does, he can be rough.

Arthas has too many mana problems and can't tank throws and hooks for his team.

I personally like Varian for HL but honestly he requires followup from your team. In ultra low ranks hes not great because of this. In middle ranks hes great, in high ranks people get better at following up any tank.
Tier Four
Poor wave clear, poor camp clear and no initiate outside of judgement which your team likely won't be great at following up. I think hes a great pick in competitive, but not to carry in HL. His win rate is probably above 50% because hes good, but hes hard to take your skill and push a win out of 70% of most games.
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