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November 25, 2018
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Melee Assassin
Ranged Assassin
Overall Tier List
Balance Patch - 11/13/18
Ban These Heroes
Just ban these heroes, they do too much and can carry games, otherwise just ban strong tanks listed below
Strongest picks
Garrosh can counter Diablo
Diablo sort of messes up Malganis
Malganis just annoying hero in the back line that doesn't die

Hammer good into most auto attacking ranges, Hanzo is okay against Hammer.
Tyrael is just good with and against most auto attacking ranges and melee assassins in the current meta
Yrel is good for lane priority, as opposed to blaze that is strong in team fights and has basically a range root

Tyrande good against Deckard cause of fast burst
Fenix is a flexible pick all around
Good Compatible picks
Malfurion is good into Tyrande
Tracer is good into Hanzo
Zera and Alarak are strong scaling late game carry heroes
Li-Ming and Orphea are good flex mages, but should not be solo primary damage
Jaina strong with set ups, good burst into Auto attacking Ranges
Medivh if played well is really strong, good sustain damage, save mechanic, and counter engage
I say Samuro is okay only if the player is exceptionally good at the hero, if played well the hero is a menace.
Lucio is good to save team by giving them speed, bad into Diablo.
Guldan strong on rotational maps that focus on wave clear
Leo good against heavy frontline and immobile backline
Okay but there are better picks
Common picks in Hero league for reasons unknown. Maybe if you are kel'thuzad god and land every combo, especially late game ones that just win you the game. Some of these heroes are okay, but the heroes listed above are just better in the current meta.
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