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April 20, 2019
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Overall Tier List
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
Tier One
Hi Im Alpengeist This is a tier list showing the highest posible dps with only physical damage with my builds you will notice alot of them are higher than what you thought could be possible and the answer is yes they are anyways this is more of a guide rather than a tier list its just for reference and I cant change the name so sry about that.

1200 - 2200 Some of these arent forever but they also arent try hard spikes. I will be placeing the builds that go with each one so that you can find out for yourself that there are no lies. (Note this is just the AA DAMAGE TO ONE TARGET no spell damage is going to be added into this Unless they require an ability to make their AA damage happen. Percent based add ons will not be taken into consideration due to the range of hero you could be attacking).

Tier Two
The Butcher Falstad Greymane
1000 - 1199 Very far above average physical damage Highly recommend.
Tier Three
Alarak Artanis Cassia Cho
D.Va Gazlowe Illidan The Lost Vikings
800 - 999 These are my still above average Physical damage for team dps you will notice it is fading out of the actual auto attackers yet compaired to most builds these guys are still above their game.
Tier Four
600 - 799 This is the average Dps of most Pro AA builds you will notice that this batch is basicly memes on my list lol so ya bout the same as a AA main.
Tier Five
400 - 599 These are the lowest but not the worst this just means that they cant compete with the others for aa damage or require Special ablities to perform. but at the cost of they probably have something else going on that isnt taken into consideration here.

You may notice alot of heroes are missing and I pulled them out because the goal of the character wasnt to AA Anub for example has good aa damage but thats not the point of the build.
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