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Brightwing is so underrated -- don't sleep on this dangerous foe.
T H I C C healer
Sometimes, you don't have to Q a wave. Oh wait, I'm wrong. You always do.
She's new and she's scary!
Easy way to land Jet Propulsion more consistently: put an Oil Spill down first.
Remember that your Inspire (W) grants +dmg to minions/mercs and Hyperion has a special attack just for structures (Yamato Cannon). Raynor's siege potential is phenomenal when applied correctly!
Horrify is a huge playmaker. Use it to setup kills, peel, interrupt channeled abilities, guarantee a triple Corruption hit, and more! :)
Everyone knows Leoric can deal high damage to beefy frontliners with Drain Hope's % dmg, but Leoric is also GREAT at singling out immobile backliners (e.g. Gul'dan, Lt. Morales) with Entomb!
Only make aggressive gust plays when they would result in your team having the clear upper hand. Don't just initiate for no reason!
Concussion Mine and Steel Trap can both function as excellent vision tools! Use them to watch/block rotations and camps!
It is crucial to provide some form of protection for Cassia, who melts under CC (where her Avoidance will be of no use). Cleanse and peel are musts.
Deckard provides great engage tools (particularly Sapphire) from the Healer role. Great for compensating for tanks lacking in this field, such as Garrosh.
I consider Recall my real ultimate ability. It enables all of your aggression and defensiveness. Don't just spam it willy-nilly; use it wisely and sparingly!
Your W is the best anti-waveclear in the game; use it on Jaina, Johanna, Ragnaros, or any other cooldown based waveclear hero and you'll significantly hamper their rotations. Works in teamfights, too!
Stagger your heals! Each heal provides 2 seconds of 25 armour, and stacking these overrides the effect. Use them independant from each other, and you'll have solutions for enemy burst far more often.
Adds great follow up and pick potential with a lead CC and ultimate that can place someone anywhere you want. However is very weak at disengaging or finding a way out of a fight once in, play angles!
Angelic Armaments is going to be bonkers.
Rework is adding a lot of skillcap - How good she is will depend heavily on what the 2019 update looks like in the end due to how her trait works.
When using your Fel Claws, remember to weave autoattacks in between swipes to maximize damage.
Remembering to weave in your Ghost Wolf form while attacking minions, mercs, and heroes can result in a large amount of extra damage.
Knowing when to use your Face Melt is crucial. Many ETC's use this on cooldown, but it can disrupt the abilities of several heroes or spread minions/mercs out too much. Be very smart in your usage!
Teaming Twin Blades with a good Abathur player can make you insanely strong. Look to take advantage with Regenerative Microbes, Adrenal Overload, and Soma Transference.
Still a viable burst damage mage, she just happens to be doing all the destruction through her autoattacks now.
Effective Cho'gall play revolves around proper trait management. Cho should hold trait most of the time, as its too easy to get focused in fights/lose all your health.
Viable without having to get Vile Infection, can whittle down frontline-heavy compositions with poison damage and is great at zoning/holding down objective areas.
All of your abilities have a delay on them so make sure not to overcommit and get them interrupted
Your team will need both of your crossfade abilities (healing and speed boost), don't forget you can switch, almost freely, between the two!
Try to maintain Malfurion's regrowth ability on as many allied heroes as possible for maximum healing potential! This may mean using regrowth outside of combat!
Lunara is one of the easiest heroes to kite with due to her amazing mobility. You can easily attack, dodge, chase and retreat. She's a great 'poking' hero - don't forget to take advantage of that!
Easily one of the top three tanks in the game, the Lord of Terror boasts a massive health pool with tons of self-sustain abilities while CC'ing an enemy into oblivion.
Aside from saving a teammate from death with a clutch Ancestral Healing, Rehgar clears wave and camps better than any other support. Great HL pick when you know you've got a lot to manage.
With his recent buffs Arthas has become a solid tank pick. Hard to peel away from once he's engaged, and difficult to kill with his ghouls + Icebound Fortitude.
Deals an insane amount of damage when used correctly, Mephisto requires great team coordination in order to excel. Struggles when shade gets countered by Anubarak's Cocoon, Chromie's Temporal Loop.
Your Q healing is based off enemy heroes' max HP, so try to make sure you're always healing off tanks in fights so you get big heals
Your Q is a crescent shape which allows for interesting ways to reset it. If the 2 enemies are far from each other, use the tips of the crescent to try to hit them. If they're close, use the curve
Once you get pierce, don't forget to check if there's a new angle for max DPS when mercing. There's usually an angle you can get to make your W hit the mercs 14+ times as opposed to normal 7
Deflect damage is based off amount of times you get hit, so if you're ganking someone you can deflect a minion wave and burst them for a lot of damage
Dark Swarm and Drag make you avoid collision, so if you're being bodyblocked, you can Q the person blocking you and walk through them or just W and escape
A lot of Greymane's early game strength comes from mercs and structure damage. Make sure you're getting mercs out from your team and punching buildings
Oil is usually more useful unlit than it is when it's on fire. 50% (60 talented) is a huge slow
It's usually good to throw your orb one direction and missiles in another so that the enemy can't juke them both. Throw orb left and missiles right and they have to get hit by one of them
Fenix is pretty fat, so make sure to play safe if you don't have Q up to proc your level 4 movespeed since it's easy to dive you without MS
Make sure you're always auto attacking to get your spells back up more quickly. If there's a minion or a wall to punch nearby, hit it! Could be difference between living and dying
Don't forget that using Cleansing Flame while in Dragonqueen pauses the duration on Dragonqueen but not the cooldowns! Use them together to get extra Dragon W casts!
Just because you're Murky doesn't mean you should be constantly dying. While you will die more than normal, as a rule I'll know I had a good Murky game if I have 2 full deaths or less.
Best zoning support in the game.
Best healer in the game ;)
Never stop pressing Q in team fights, unless you run out of mana... In which case, go back, get mana, then continue pressing Q.
If your team takes Cho'gall, for the love of all that is holy, take Life Binder.