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Join friends and teammates in guilds, comments, and in chat. Share status updates, videos, and all the dank memes the internet can offer. Store all of your builds, blog articles, tier lists, and more on one profile. Plan gatherings and get-togethers for all Heroes’ events and tournaments.

In short, HeroesHearth is like Facebook, Twitter, and most other social networks wrapped into one, but just for you: the Heroes community.
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Our LFG tool allows you to find other players for immediate games, long-term ladder climbing, and full-on Team League shenanigans. Search by your preferred intensity of gameplay and find like-minded semi-professional players, fun casuals, or even that perfect buddy to troll Brawls with.
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Our goal is to give the Heroes community the quality resource it deserves – the perfect war chest of Heroes knowledge and debate all brought together by your fellow fans from around the world. We will continue to improve this site as we strive to meet the requests and dreams of its users.

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