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I've always loved the fantasy of huge spaceships with wide arsenals they can bring to bear, that move slowly but inexorably and possess unstoppable firepower. As such, with this Battlecruiser hero concept, I wanted to craft a hero who could both push the line of battle slowly forward while attacking multiple targets, and also adapt his kit depending on the situation he's in; speccing into spell power or attack damage, as well as high sustained healing or brief but high armor. However, to counterbalance his adaptability and reward more skilled play, I came up with his unique energy system, which I also feel adds to the WH40K-esque battleship fantasy of having to manage your reactors' power across multiple systems simultaneously by forcing you to pick and choose what abilities you want to spend your precious energy on in battle--I'm an especially big fan of the concept of overloading your weapons at the cost of proportional risk with his heroics, especially as a strong mechanic for rewarding good timing & skilled play.

That said, I have no attachment to DuGalle in particular; he was just the best character I could come up with to captain the battlecruiser. Mengsk might work well as another candidate for the character, but I'm not sure. It feels almost mandatory to have a nuclear missile somewhere in Mengsk's kit, maybe as a random 20 talent.

Initially, I was thinking of making him a ranged assassin, but by virtue of the fact that his trait & Q ability revolve around being in range of as many people as possible, he'd need the survivability of a bruiser. He could perhaps be a multiclass hero by choosing to put his strength in his turrets or in his Yamato cannon through his talents, but since Varian got taken out of the multiclass role it seems like the dev team might not want more multiclass heroes.

I'm still playing with the idea of using his Energy as an alternative to normal ability cooldowns. Unfortunately, seeing as this concept would make all of his abilities' costs affect each other, it's hard to figure whether or not this would work, realistically, without being able to actively test it. And I may or may not have gone overboard with Yamato-themed talents. I do by no means think that this talent tree is wholly balanced or wholly viable.

Also: Although I've heard from a few people that I've proposed this idea to that it would conflict with Raynor's Hyperion, I don't feel that this is the case, because Hyperion exists as a separate, much larger battlecruiser in SCII co-op mode. Also, they got Deathwing into the game, so I feel like they can make anything work.
talent breakdown
Plasma Shield Retrofit
Mana Cost: 15 Energy per Second
Cooldown: Shared with Nano-Repair Drones
Retrofits the Battlecruiser's Nano-Repair Drones with experimental shield generators, allowing them to reduce incoming damage. Activatable Ability: Toggle to gain 30 Armor; cooldown shared with Nano-Repair Drones.
Scrap Collection Field
The healing of Nano-Repair Drones is increased by 25% for each retargeted turret.
Rapidfire Mechanisms
Quest: Maintain the maximum Advanced Targeting Protocol damage bonus on Heroes for 300 seconds. Reward: Gain 40% Attack Speed while attacking Heroes with maximum Advanced Targeting Protocol damage bonus. Passive: Basic Attacks heal for 25% of the damage dealt.

Weakpoint Targeting
Yamato Cannon benefits from 33% of Advanced Targeting Protocol's bonus.
Unstable Containment Field
Yamato Cannon is now fired in a line, dealing 200 damage to all enemies it passes through, and can be Basic Attacked, detonating it for 500 damage in a small area.
Scattershot Micro-Turrets
Fits the Battlecruiser with 2 Point-Defense turrets, making Basic Attacks deal 33% damage to 2 nearby targets. This damage benefits from Advanced Targeting Protocol.

Reactor Improvements
Every tick of Regeneration Globe healing provides 10 energy, and every Basic Attack to an enemy Hero extends the duration of Regeneration Globe healing by 0.15 seconds.
Backup Energy Reserves
If DuGalle's Energy reaches 0, immediately gain 20 Energy, 15 Armor, and 10% Movement Speed. This effect has a 30 second cooldown.
Efficient Focusing Crystals
Yamato Cannon refunds 15 Energy whenever an enemy Hero is hit.

Yamato Overcharge
Mana Cost: 15 Energy per Second
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
Activate to begin charging DuGalle's Yamato cannon past normal safety levels, increasing its damage up to a maximum of 200% over 3 seconds, but losing up to 75 armor over 3 seconds. Reactivating the ability will immediately fire the Yamato cannon at the chosen target, dealing its damage in a large area. This ability can be held at maximum charge for a maximum of 2 seconds before its energy becomes too dangerous to hold, and it goes onto cooldown.
Turret Overcharge
Mana Cost: 15 Energy per Second
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
Activate to ramp up DuGalle's firing speed past normal safety levels, forcing all turrets onto the target of his main auto attacks and increasing his firing speed by 30% for every consecutive second spent firing for the next 5 seconds or until deactivated, but losing 15 armor per second spent attacking as well.

Plasmic Burn
Turret Retarget reduces the enemy's Physical armor by 5 per hit, to a maximum of 15, and Basic Attacks against targets with maximum Advanced Targeting Protocol bonus reduce their Spell Armor by 2 per hit, to a maximum of 15. These bonuses remain for 3 seconds.
Behemoth Reactor
Increase maximum energy by 30.
Energy Recirculation
Gain 50% attack speed for 5 seconds after using Yamato Cannon.

Improved Drone Schematics
Nano-Repair Drones' Healing increases by 20% for each second active, up to 60%, but it gains a 5 second cooldown after deactivation.
Energy Feedback Coils
For 3 seconds after casting Yamato Cannon, the energy cost for moving while Basic Attacking is reduced to 0, and the Movement Speed penalty is removed.
Corrosive Plasma
Using Turret Retarget on a target recently hit by Yamato Cannon will do an additional 3% of the target's health per shot.

Energy Recollection Field
Yamato Overcharge now refunds 15 energy for every Hero hit, and its cooldown is reduced by 30 seconds for every Hero killed.
Advanced Multitarget Protocol
Turret Overcharge now affects all retargeted turrets for its duration and does not reset their aim .
Rapid Phasing Sequence
Tactical Jump's initial channel is eliminated, and it cools down 1% faster for each point of Energy Admiral DuGalle has.
Pride of Augustgrad
Yamato Cannon now fires 3 shots dealing 75% damage each.
Yamato-Turret Retrofit
Turret Retarget now fires miniature Yamato Cannons, reducing targets' Spell Armor by 10 for 3 seconds and firing for 100 damage every 2 seconds.

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