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So yes, I made a TF2 Character into HoTS. It's not probably the worst thing on this site but it is in the meme concept category.
If only blizzard and valve did some weird collab idk.

Heavy is a ruthless tank with high damage potential if enemies are careless

His primary basic attack is strong punches that can deal quite the damage.

His Q, Minigun, allows him to fire at opponents in a small area dealing damage over time. He can turn and move at 75% of his base movement speed.

His W, Sandvich, is a healing tool that heals up to 30% of the Heavy's maximum health, this can be interrupted with enough damage or with stuns.

His E, Charge lets him run in a straight line, knocking enemies back and slowing them by 20% for 1.5 seconds. This can be used to engage or to disengage from fights since it gives a hefty speed boost when running.

At the start of the match, Heavy needs to pick a minigun from his level 1 tree, each one is unique and has a different use that lets you pick a playstyle.
talent breakdown
Sasha (Q)
The heavy revs up his minigun for 1 second and begins firing. Bullets fire in a wide cone, any enemy that is inside the cone takes 99.2 damage/second.
Natasha (Q)
The heavy revs up his minigun for 1.3 seconds and begins firing. Bullets fire in a wide cone, any enemy that is inside the cone takes 78.12 damage/second and are slowed up to 25%.
Oksana (Q)
The heavy revs up his minigun for 1.5 second and begins firing. Bullets fire in a wide cone, any enemy that is inside the cone takes 109.12 damage/second. Heavy moves at 50% movement speed with 20 armor while revved up.
Svetlana (Q)
The heavy revs up his minigun for 0.8 seconds and begins firing. Bullets fire in a long but narrow cone, Any enemy that is inside the cone takes 88.65 damage/second.

Dalokoh's Bar [W]
Sandvich heals 35% less but decreases its cooldown timer to 30s. When fully eaten, Heavy gains a shield equal to 15% of his maximum health, this shield lasts for 30 seconds or when it is destroyed once eaten.
Buffalo Steak Sandwich [W]
Sandvich heals 25% less. When fully eaten, Heavy becomes enraged. He deals 35% more damage and gains 15% movement speed but suffers a 10 armor reduction & cannot use Minigun for 15 seconds.
Throw Food [Active]
Throws the sandvich at the targeted location for allies to pick up, it will show up with its own icon on the minimap. The Sandvich will heal allies for 345 health. The cooldown is shared with the Sandvich. The Sandvich will disappear after 30 seconds.

Killing Gloves of Boxing [E]
Charge grants 25% more Critical Hit charge Passive: Basic Attacking heroes marks them for 5 seconds, Takedowns on marked targets instantly charges Critical Hit.
Fists of Steel [E]
Charge grants 20 armor while charging and 3 second afterwards but increases the cooldown of charge by 2 seconds. Passive: You permanently have 10 spell armor but you suffer a 5 physical armor reduction
Eviction Notice [E]
Charge makes heavy run 25% faster and reduces the cooldown of charge by 5 seconds. Passive: Your basic attack hits 50% faster but you deal 25% less damage. Hitting enemy heroes grants 10% movement speed for 3s seconds

Siberian Strength [R]
Mana Cost: 80
Cooldown: 120 Seconds
Heavy roars a battle cry and charges forwards while being unstoppable. If an enemy comes in contact with heavy he tackles them, dealing 382 damage. You also get a 3 second duration to throw the opponent in a direction you can aim and they will be launched a considerable range away (Garrosh max throw range)
Payload Push [R]
Mana Cost: 85
Cooldown: 75 seconds
Heavy kick an explosive cart in a straight line, Upon pressing R again or colliding with a wall or enemy hero, it explodes, dealing 463 damage and stuns all enemy heroes for 1 seconds. Deals 25% less damage to structures.

Dont Touch Sandvich! [W] [Quest]
Quest: Fully eat 6 sandviches while enemy heroes are nearby Reward: You gain 15 armor while eating your sandvich.
Rasputin [Active Quest]
Quest: Take 5340 Physical Damage and 7740 Spell Damage Including all damage taken before this quest in one life. Reward: You gain access to Rasputin as an active. Activating the ability will grant you 50 armor for 3 seconds. Cooldown 100 seconds
Supreme Soviet [Trait] [Quest]
Quest: Achieve 4 Takedowns where you used Critical hit 5 seconds before or as they died. Reward: Critical Hit can be overcharged to give up to a 25% increased effectiveness.

Executioner [Passive]
Attacking a Hero that is Slowed, Rooted, or Stunned increases your Basic Attack damage by 30% for 3 seconds.
Russian Rampage [Passive]
Heavy starts dealing AOE damage around him, dealing 44 damage/second to all nearby enemies. Charge increases this by 100% for 5 seconds.
Borscht Belt [Passive Quest]
Quest: Achieve 3 takedowns where at least 2 other allied heroes were close to you. Reward: You deal 5% more damage while near a teammate, stacks up to 4 times.

I am Giant! [R]
Siberian Strength now lasts longer and throws further. Reactivating the ability will allow you to change direction once.
Move Little Cart! [R]
The speed of the cart is increased by 50%. Enemy heroes damaged by this ability reduce its cooldown by 20 seconds each.
Cry some more! [Q]
Minigun no longer reduces movement speed.
Big Shaved Bear! [Passive]
Every 10 seconds, Heavy deals 50% more basic attack damage and has 100% increased range. Stores up to 3 charges.

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