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Health Pool: 1600
Health Regeneration: 2.1
Mana Pool: 500
Mana Regeneration: 3.2
DPS: 60
Basic Attack: 60
Attack Speed: 1
Attack Range: 5.5
Model Size: 1
Trait: Archmage's Familiar.
The Revenant is summoned next to Antonidas, has 500 Health, attacks once per second and has 4.5 range with 74 damage per attack.

Revenants are controllable with the D buttom, just alike Misha or Jaina's water elementals.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Q: Wave of Frost,
Moves around as fast as Li-Ming's Orb.
Width comparable to Ana's model.
Range of 8.
W: Cabal Volley
The area of initial marking is square shaped, large as around half of the Volskaya's Mid Point.

Enemies that leave the area before the first missile is sent will take no damage but if they return to the area mid-channeling, further missiles will be sent at then.

Range of 6.
E: Scorching Barrage
The Fireballs appear all at once, instantly.
A single E cast will release all Fireballs, one per 0.5s.
Fireballs have a short range and are extremely thin(Ana's Sleepdart wide) but fly at a high speed.

Each fireball follows the current position of mouse when it's shot and other actions can be taken while the fireballs are being released.

Range of 4.

R1: Mass Teleportation
After the 2s channeling, heroes disappear for 2.5s before appearing at the target area. During this time they are invulnerable and can not take any action.

Enemies are notified when the channeling is over and receive a ping, showing off where the target area of the teleport is.

Unlimited Range.

R2: Violet Supernova

Area of Effect softly larger than Jaina's Blizzard circle.
If Nova remains for 6s without manual detonation, it will detonate on it's own.

Cast range of 6.5

Tier1: Brilliance Aura - Area of Effect similar to Mal'ganis' Vampiric Passive from tier1 talents.

Tier5: Extended Frost - The rain is a short-ranged wave that extends from current position of Wave of Frost.

Tier6: Repeated Cold: If taken, Extended Frost can be used twice, once per the initial wave and once for the secondary one.

Tier6: Blink: Range of 7.

talent breakdown
Brilliance Aura
All allied heroes around you have their mana regeneration increased by 25% and gain 2.5% spell power, increased by 0.5% per level.
Greater Water Elemental
Increase health of your Water Revenant by 50%, increase it's attack range from 4.5 to 5.5 and cause its basic attacks to slow by 20% for 0.5s.
Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas
Increase your attack range by 1 and cause your basic attacks to increase your mana regeneration by 1 mana per second for 5 seconds. Additionally 300% of your current mana regeneration is added to your basic attack damage.
Archmage's Manashield
Quest: Gathering Regeneration Globes increases your mana regeneration by 0.25 up to 5. || Reward: After gathering 20 Regeneration Globes, gain a shield at rate equal to your mana regeneration, up to 15% of your maximum health.

Archmage's Frost
Wave of Frost now roots enemies for 0.5 s, slowing them by 25% for 1 second afterwards.
Armor of the Cabal
Each enemy hit by Cabal Volley grants 5 armor up to 30 for the channeling duration and for 1 second afterwards,
Searing Flame
Scorching Flame reduces armor of hit enemies by 3 for 1.5 second, stacking with itself.
Wave of Frost sets hit enemies on fire, dealing 60 damage over 3 seconds. Scorching Barrage slows enemies by 20% for 0.5 s.

Kirin Tor Charger
Reduce the movement speed bonus of mounting up to 15% but mount up instantly and gain 25 armor while mounted and for 2 seconds after dismounting.
Mage Armor
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: 15s
Activate to gain 25 Spell Armor for 2s. Duration is increased by 0.5s each time you damage enemy heroes with spells, up to a bonus 2s.
Tome of Arcane Exchange
Cooldown: 5s
Taking spell damage heals you for 50% of damage taken over the next 3 seconds. This effect has a 5s cooldown. If you restore at least 20% of your health, additionally restore 25(+2 per level) mana.
Greater Frost Armor
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown: 25s
Upon activating, gain 25 Physical Armor for 2 seconds. Enemies that attack you during this time lose 25% movement and attack speed for 1s.

Mass Teleportation
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 120s
Channel for 2s and then teleport to any allied non-heroic unit or building on the map, teleporting all nearby allied heroes with you. Taking damage interrupts this ability and the teleportation takes 3s.
Violet Supernova
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 80s
Create a slowly charging supernova for 6s at the target point. After one second, this spell may be recast to detonate the supernova to deal 350 damage in the area. For each additional second the supernova is charging, it deals an additional 150 damage up to 450 bonus damage.

Extended Frost
While the Frost Wave is traveling, the ability may be recast to shoot a rain of ice shards from it's current position, dealing 80 damage. Enemies hit are slowed by 25% for 2s.
Arcane Echoes
If Cabal Volley hits enemy heroes at least 4 times your next basic attack will split and hit up to 5 targets. Each enemy hero hit restores 3% of your maximum mana. [Prioritizes Heroes]
Smoldering Wake
Hitting enemy heroes with Scorching Barrage increases your attack speed by 20% for 1.5s. Stacks with itself.
Elemental Lord
Each time Water Revenant hits an enemy hero, cooldown of Archmage's Familiar is reduced by 2s. Additionally, each time a Revenant attacks enemy hero, it's duration is increased by 0.5s.

Repeated Cold
Wave of Frost now returns afer 1.5s.
Replicating Volley
Increase the area of Cabal Volley by 25%. Reduce to channeling time to 2 seconds while still releasing 3 missiles over that period.
Birthing Flame
Hitting an enemy hero with two Fireballs within time span of 1.5s, creates another Fireball.
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown: 60s
Teleport across long distance. Hitting enemies with spells reduces cooldown of this ability by 1s.

Arcane Anchor
Mass Teleport now allows to teleport to any visible spot on the map and no longer is interrupted by damage.
Grasping Shattering
Area of Supernova's explosion also rises by 10% per each second it is charging and enemies inside the area of effect are slowed by 20%.
Dalaran's Mightest
Each time you hit an enemy hero with one of your abilities, it's cooldown is reduced by 1s. Half as effective for Cabal Volley.
Revenant Mastery
Increase the Archmage's Familiar cooldown reduction from hitting enemy heroes to 3s. The ability now summons two Revenants instead of one.

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