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Skin note: Corrupted Ysera is basically a given and would look amazing.

I'm super excited to do this concept as I've been thinking about it for a long time. I've always been a huge fan of the Dragon aspects and, as of this time, a real Dragon has not been fully realized in Heroes of the Storm. So first and foremost, my Ysera concept is in Dragon Form, all the time.

The whole concept of Ysera, is a beefy support, that heals her allies, damages her enemies with AoE, and mitigates damage through her trait and ult.

Her "mount" is something different than any movement ability currently in the game. I wanted something that would make people think strategically about their global, and provide downsides for flying across the entire map.

Ysera's healing is mainly AoE (her Breath and Renewal), but as a twist all her healing also has the potential to damage enemies. Setting your Breath up to get maximum value, finding out you need poke and taking the Precision Flame talent, or throwing your Defile on an enemy in a key location to make a large damaging pool.

Slumber is an interesting ability. It's potentially very powerful, or completely worthless. Make the range too long, and it's easily a ganking tool. Make it too short, and you're almost assured to quickly cleave it off. So somewhere in the middle range is the goal, but would require real world testing to tune properly.

Finally the ults. I wanted to get something very thematic from both ends of the spectrum. Enter the Dream encompasses the protective aspect of Ysera, mainly used to protect your team from large, predicted incoming damage, or to potentially save them in a bad situation.

Nightmare is on the other end. I wanted a very fear inspiring ult for when your team is ready to gank a player or team. Now, because this ult is team wide, the sight reduction isn't gonna be quite to the extent of Isolation, but it will be enough to be disorienting if you're not on top of things.
talent breakdown
Protected Flight
Ysera gains a shield for X that scales with distance traveled, after using Green Dragonflight that lasts for 5 seconds.
Deeper Connection
Commune now absorbs 35% of targeted ally damage taken, and will no longer automatically turn off at 25% health remaining. Ysera can not fall below 1 health and trait deactivates if you hit that threshold.
Hastened Flight
Ysera and allies in a short radius around the landing zone now gains a % movement speed buff that scales with distance traveled, after using Green Dragonflight that lasts for 4 seconds after landing.

Advancing Flames
Quest - Gather 15 regen globes to enable 50% movement speed while channeling Dragon's Breath. Quest - Each regen globe gathered beyond 15 will increase the movement speed while channeling Dragon's Breath by 3% to a max of 100% movement speed.
Greater Breath
Quest - Spend 60 seconds channeling on 2 or more allied heroes or 2 or more enemy heroes to increase the range and cone width of Dragon's Breath.
Precision Flame
Dragon's Breath now shoots in a longer, narrower stream, instead of a cone.

Attune Essence
Quest - Ally and Enemy Heroes much each spend 45 seconds standing in Renewal/Defile, and once complete, the pools will grow to their full size in 2.5 seconds.
Sapping Nightmare
The power of the Nightmare (Defile) now drains shield energy, increasing damage to shields by 200%.
Creeping Darkness
Defile will now do bonus damage the longer enemy heroes are in it.

Enter the Dream
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 100 Second, Up to 5 Second Channel
Ysera channels, causing all allies to enter into the Emerald Dream. While in Dream State, allies are slightly phased out of the world, taking 50% reduced damage (50 armor) and allowing them to move through units. Ally damage is reduced by 50% while in dream state. Ysera must remain still and channel to maintain the effect, but also gains the reduced damage of dream state (can be canceled early).
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 70 Seconds
The Dream's Nightmare consumes the enemy team, causing their vision to be plunged into darkness and reducing their sight to a short distance around themselves for 3 seconds.

Cleansing Pool
Allied heroes that are in or enter Renewal will be cleansed of slowing effects and receive a 15% movement speed buff for 2 seconds.
Restless Sleep
If Slumber is broken early, the enemy hero will be slowed by 50% for 2.5 seconds. If Slumber finishes its full duration the enemy hero will be slowed by 25% for 2 seconds.
Aspects Blessing
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
Activate to increase the absorption of Commune by 25% for 5 seconds.

Waking Nightmares
When Slumber expires, the enemy hero will receive -25 armor for 3 seconds.
Debilitating Flames
While Dragon's Breath is channeled on an enemy it will reduce their damage done by 15%.
Tail Sweep
Cooldown: Extra Key, 30 Seconds
Ysera sweeps in an arc with her tail, doing damage and knocking back all enemies caught within the arc.

Lucid Dreams
Enter the Dream Upgrade - Allies can now do 75% damage while in Dream State. Ysera now gains 75 armor while channeling.
Deepest Fears
Nightmare Upgrade - Increase the duration of Nightmare by 1 second, and spawn a low health shadow copy of the player that only they can see that will AA them for a small amount of damage for the duration of the nightmare unless killed.
Empowered Flight
Green Dragonflight receives a second charge. Both charges have independent cooldowns.
Lingering Energy
Renewal/Defile can now last, and scale, up to 7 seconds. Enemy heroes in Defile will be slowed by 10%, and allied heroes in Renewal will have their speed increased by 10% (can stack with cleansing pool).

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Super well done!
pretty sweet concept TBK. I dig the heroics specifically, especially what you mentioned in the Notes about Isolation.
Alexstraza? They pretty much did your design just on another dragon!