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Tried to make Reaper fit his role in OW as a high-damage tank buster, while dumping in some talents that fit his lore. His trait is supposed to make him hit like a truck at close range, but like a wet noodle from a distance. Health pool is between melee and ranged assassins. Most means of survivability require talenting.

Making lifesteal his trait felt boring and too Illidan-ish, so I made it a talentable option and focused hit kit around shotguns' properties.

Range 6, Splash radius 2.5

I needed to make Reaper an extra ability since his OW kit leaves one slot empty on HotS ability bar. I don't want to give him much cc, and he already has lot of mobility and survivability in his kit.

W - Wraith Form
Reapers 'LShift' ability from OW. I felt that making him Invulnerable, or even Unstoppable, from the start would be too strong so I decided on leaving it as Protected. Cooldown and mana cost are fairly long to make up for the usefulness of the ability.

E - Shadow Step
Reaper's 'E' from OW. Range is about the same as Ragnaros in Molten Core. Combined with the cooldown it less suited for use in combat and better for covering long distances and getting into unexpected places.

R1 - Death Blossom
Radius 6. Deals damage every 0.5 seconds.
Reaper's ultimate ability from OW. Thanks to his trait it works exactly the same here.

R2 - Tip the Balance
Momentarily enhances Reaper's survivability. Decaying health goes through armor and Shields. I got the idea from Reaper's lore of his cells regenerating and decaying at an accelerated rate.

Alternative R2 - Blackmist Enhancement
Activate to cause Reaper's next 8 Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes infuse them with his cells dealing damage equal to 4% of their maximum Health over 4 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. Each enemy affected heals Reaper for 4% of his maximum Health per second.

A bit of everything, the idea behind Q talent is to make triggering double hits easier, but with the cost of some damage.

Q tier, with utility option.

Mobility enhancing tier.

Heroics, one for damage and one for survivability

Survivability tier with damage option

Powerful damage options and a heal red. + silence(melee range)

Balanced set of storm tier talents
talent breakdown
(!) Enhanced Cell Regeneration
(!) Quest: Collecting a Regeneration Globe increases Reaper's Health regeneration by 1, up to 25. (!) Reward: Upon collecting 25 Regeneration Globes, permanently gain 15% bonus Attack Speed.
(W) Prolonged Wraith
Inreases Wraith Walks duration by 1 second.
(Q) This Looks Stupid
Hellfire Blast now shoots both Blasts directly forward, but all of their damage is reduced to 40%.

(Q) Waste Not, Want Not!
(!)Quest: Hit heroes with both shotguns in one cast. (!)Reward: After 10 hits, hitting a hero with the initial impact of either Blast reduces the cooldown of Hellfire Blast by 2 seconds. (!) Reward: After 20 hits Hellfire blast gains an extra charge.
(Q) Wider Spread
Increase the splash damage and radius by 60%.
(Active) Talons' Intelligence Network
Cooldown: 45
Activate to reveal all enemy Heroes. If there are any below 50% maximum Health, Shadow Step's cooldown is instantly reset.
(Q) Stay Out of My Way
Non-Heroic Enemies take 150% increased damage from Hellfire Blast. Refunds 15 mana for each Blast that hits only non-Heroic enemies.

(E) Into the Shadows
Increase Shadow Step's range by 50%.
(W) Death Comes
Increase Wraith Form's Move Speed bonus to 50%
(W) Death Walks Among You
Wraith Form slows the Move Speed of the enemies near Reaper by 30%.

(R1) Death Blossom
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 70 seconds
Reaper empties both Hellfire Shotguns at breakneck speed, dealing 125 damage per second to all nearby enemies for 3.5 seconds. Reaper's movespeed is reduced by 50% while channeling the ability.
(R2) Tip the Balance
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 90 seconds
Reaper activates his cells to heal himself for 75% of his maximum health over 2 seconds, but afterwards takes the same amount as damage over 8 seconds. Damage from the health decay can't be removed or prevented, but it is not lethal.

(Q) Big Ones Are Easier to Hit
Hellfire Blast now deals an additional 4% of the target's maximum health as damage.
(Passive) Reaping
Reaper's Basic Abilities and Basic Attacks heal him for 20% of damage Dealt.
(W) Leeching Wraith
Taking damage in Wraith Form heals Reaper for 50% of damage taken.
(E) Armor of Shadows
Gain 30 Armor for 3 seconds when Reaper starts channeling Shadow Step.

(Auto-Attack) Get a Little Closer
Reaper's Basic Attacks at Melee Range deal an additional 3% of the target's maximum Health as Damage.
(W) Vengeful Wraith
Reaper can now move through units in Wraith Form. Passing through an Enemy Hero in Wraith Form lowers their Armor by 25 for 3 seconds.
(Active) Just Like in Blackwatch...
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Silence an enemy Hero and reduce their Healing received by 75% for 2 seconds.
(Trait) Next.
Getting a Takedown grants Reaper 20% bonus Movement Speed and increases Reapers damage by 40% for 4 seconds. Further Takedowns refresh the duration.

(R1) Clearing the Area
Death Blossom can no longer be interrupted and has no Move Speed penalty. Instead, Enemy Heroes hit by Death Blossom now increase Reaper's Move Speed by 10%, up to 50% bonus. Move Speed lingers for 3 seconds after Death Blossom Ends.
A High-Functioning Psychopath
Tip the Balance now also increases Reaper's Attack speed by 75% and causes Hellfire Blast's cooldown to recharge 100% faster for 4 seconds.
(W) Unstoppable Wraith
Wraith Form now also grants Unstoppable for its duration, and it's cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds.
(E) Faster Repositioning
Shadow Step's cast time is now reduced to 0.5 seconds, and it deals 150 damage to enemies near the cast and target location.

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