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Mount Ability- Terror of the Skies: After a 3 second channel, Deathwing flies to target in-tact or destroyed fort/keep, disabling it and preventing it from taking damage for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

1. Terror of the Skies would appear to completely destroy the structure upon landing, but a shadowy outline of the original remains as the building repairs. Basically, the battleground decides Deathwing's OHKO-this-fort button is too strong and undoes it after a few seconds.

2. Deathwing will path to avoid 1 unit corridors. If forced into a 1 unit corridor (via knockback or something else), Deathwing can still move. It's just he can't willingly go into such places and needing to rotate to get out may put him out of the fight for some time.

3. Directional armor is declared at time of impact based on damaging unit's direction.

4. Deathwing has a slowed rotation speed, which allows mobile enough foes to exploit broken armor sections.

5. Deathwing does not need to face in a direction to use Crush.
talent breakdown
Slithering Plates
Cooldown: 10
Passive: Gain 25 health per Regeneration Globe, up to 500. Quest: Gain 20 Regeneration Globes. Reward: Adamantium Plates can be activated to rotate their position by one step clockwise.
Rising Terror
Whenever a nearby enemy minion dies, Terror of the Skies' cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.
Deathwing can now pass through non-hero, non-building units. In addition, Deathwing harms enemies that pass under him, dealing 100 damage and stunning for 0.25 seconds. Enemies cannot be affected by this more than once per 10 seconds.
Molten Fury
Quest: Hit enemy heroes with Molten Breath. Reward: Upon hitting 15 enemies, Molten Breath slows by 20% for 2 seconds. Upon hitting 30 enemies, Molten Breath can be activated a second time, stacking and refreshing the slow/armor reduction.

Tail Sweep
When Deathwing moves or rotates, his tail knocks back and deals 100 damage to enemies it passes through. Enemies cannot be affected by this more than once per 10 seconds.
Rage provides 30% attack speed and movement speed while active.
Body Blow
Crush deals 150% more damage to non-heroes.
Curse of the Black
Whenever Deathwing deals damage to a hero, reduce all healing they receive by 6% for 3 seconds. This stacks with itself up to 10 times.

Rend for the Old Gods
Whenever Deathwing uses an ability, his next 2 attacks cleave and deal an additional 50 damage.
Unstable Blood
Cooldown: 20
Upon activation, Deathwing's next Molten Breath will also spill from his sides (from 90 to 270 degree cone).
Burning Madness
Deals 30 (+4%) damage to surrounding foes per second. Whenever a plate is broken, increase this damage by 100% for 4 seconds. This stacks with itself.

Dragon Soul
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 80
After a 0.75 second delay, Deathwing channels a beam at the target for 3 seconds, dealing 300 + 15% of the target's maximum life per second and slowing them by 50%. Damage from Dragon Soul is split between all targets being hit by it.
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 80
Deathwing roars, stunning all nearby targets for 1 second. In addition, unpathable terrain is created in four directions, dealing 200 damage. Deathwing ignores this terrain. Terrain lasts 4 seconds.

Elementium Plates
Adamantium Plates has its maximum armor bonus increased to 50, and each can break one additional time.
Hungering Claws
Deathwing has 35% lifesteal on attacks.
Withering Breath
Molten Breath reduces spell power by 40% for 4 seconds.
Immovable Object
Crush grants 15 armor per hero struck for 4 seconds.

Enrage Timer
Whenever a plate is fully broken (-10 armor), Rage is activated for free.
Escape to Deepholm
Cooldown: 60
Deathwing enters stasis for 3 seconds. After this ends, all plates are fully repaired.
Spiteful Celerity
Whenever a plate breaks, all of Deathwing's cooldowns are reduced by 4 seconds.

Demon Soul
Dragon Soul can channel indefinitely, but Deathwing consumes 30 mana per second after the first 3 seconds. Dragon Soul ends if Deathwing runs out of mana.
Shattering can be activated a second time for free within 10 seconds of its initial cast.
Power Incarnate
For every 6 seconds Deathwing remains alive, Deathwing's damage is permanently increased by 1%.
Aspect of Earth
Increase Deathwing's size by 50%. In addition, Deathwing ignores terrain.
Terror of the Storm
Cooldown: 80
Deathwing goes into the air, becoming untargetable. After 1 second, Deathwing lands at target location, dealing 250 damage and stunning nearby targets for 1 second. (range is relative to Bolt of the Storm)

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