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Strengths: Exposing mana problems, Late game power, Raw damage Vs high mana targets, High skill ceiling
Weaknesses: Low survialblity, Punished harshly when skill shots miss, Heroes without or very low mana pools (Sonya or Fenix), Mobility, High skill floor
Difficulty: Hard

Trait: Aspects Presence, your auto attacks deal an additional 5% damage of your target(s) mana, your auto attacks become a arc in front of you (Similar to Alexstraza), your spell damage cannot be reduced, and the duration of incoming Slows, Roots, and stuns is reduced by 25%. The duration of silences is reduced by an additional 50%.

Q ability: Mana Bomb, Make an enemy hero explode causing them and nearby enemy heroe(s) to take 100% of there mana as damage, all targets hit by the explosion loss 10% of there mana, if a hero is or falls bellow 50% mana, silence them for 2 seconds. 6 second cooldown

W ability: Arcane Freeze, Freeze an enemy hero in place, rooting the hero and slowly draining there mana over 2.5 seconds, when half of there current mana is drained un-root the hero, the hero losses mana as long as the target is rotted. 6 second cooldown

E ability: Arcane Chain, Shoot a large arcane chain in a strait line that will stay on an enemy hero for 4 seconds. After contacting an enemy hero, the chain will seek nearby enemy hero(s) with equal or less mana than the initial target and extends to those target(s). Arcane Chain can re-activated to pull all heroes to the original target after 1.5 seconds, dealing damage equal to 75% of all the target(s) mana to all heroes(s) currently connected to the chain, if more than 2 heroes get pulled by arcane chains, stun all target(s) for 1.5 seconds. 12 second cooldown

Heroic Ability (unlocked at 20): Mana Lockdown, Steal all of a hero's mana that will slowly replenish over 5 seconds, while the target does not have all its mana back that was stolen, they cannot cast spells. 30 second cooldown
talent breakdown
Mana Addict
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases Malygos's maximum Mana by 15. Reward: After gathering 20 Globes, Malygos can activate Arcane Barrier to gain a Shield equal to 100% of his maximum Mana for 4 seconds.
Arcane Defense
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Every 60 seconds, gain a spell shield that will activate apon taking ability damage that will reduce the incoming and subsequent spell damage by 50% for 4 seconds. Quest: Prevent 2000 damage with Arcane Defense. Reward: Arcane defense now prevents 100% of the spell damage taken for the duration and restores 25% of the damage taken as mana.
Absorption Protection
Essence of Magic now grants Malygos 7% armor for every enemy hero hit. Quest: Gain 28% armor with a single cast of Essence of magic. Reward: Permanently gain an additional 10 Spell armor

Tick, Tick, BOOM
Detonate will now always explods after 3 seconds, however, it's area damage is increased to 80% and will drain 5% mana instead of 3%.
Your magic becomes your weakness
If the Initial cast target of Detonate has more than 75% of it's maximum mana, after the rune explodes, that target has it's spell armor reduced by 25% for 4 seconds.
Arcane Decay
After Arcane Rune Detonates, leave a Arcane circle on the ground, heroes within the circle have 1% of there mana drained every .5 seconds. The circle last for 5 seconds.

Targeted Catastrophe
Arcane storm now drains 2.5 percent of the targets mana and deals 40% increased damage, however all Arcane Strikes will only hit the inital target of the Arcane Storm.
Burning Extraction
Essence of Magic now deals damage equal to the amount of mana drained from enemy heroe(s)
Arcane Re-Pulse
If Arcane explosion hits at least 3 heroes, it will explode in the same target location 2 seconds after the initial cast, but it deals half damage. This effect can only happen once per cast of arcane explosion.

Dragon Form
Cooldown: 150
After 1.5 seconds, transform into your dragon from, gain 25 spell armor, gain new abilities and all of you abilities cost 0 mana, you cannot be silenced. and your spells cannot be interrupted. Dragon Form last for 15 seconds.
Arcane Vortex
Mana Cost: 180
Cooldown: 90 seconds
In a large area summon a arcane vortex that last for 4 seconds, enemies caught in the vortex are slowly pulled into the center and are slowed the closer they get to the center starting at a 20% slow up to a 50% slow. If a enemy hero is inside of the vortex at the end of the duration they take 7% of there maximum health as damage and lose 7% of there mana and you gain the mana lost.

Perfect Storm
Increase the amount of Arcane Missiles created by 3, However increase the cool down of Arcane Storm by 5 seconds.
Mana Accumulation
Essence of Magic Increases your Spell Power by 15% instead of 10 and Maxes out at 75 % from 50%, But decays over 5 seconds.
Cooldown: 110 seconds
Activate to Slow and reduce an enemy Hero's magic damage by 60% for 4 seconds. Draining mana reduces the cool down of Puny Mortal by 5 seconds.
Deafening Explosion
Arcane Blast now silences for 2 seconds and deals an additional 30% extra damage in the center of the explosion.

Giant Slaying Storm
Arcane Storm now deals 1.5% of the targets maximum health as damage but Arcane Storm now cost 25% more mana.
Arcane Overcharge
Arcane Blast now spreads Arcane Rune, but increase both Arcane Blast and Arcane Rune's cool downs by 5 seconds. This effect can only happen once per cast.
Arcane Finale
When both Arcane Storm AND Arcane blast are cast within 3 seconds of Arcane Rune being Detonated, Deal the primary target 8% of there maximum health as damage and drain 8% of there mana, in addition the area damage is doubled and lower the cooldowns of all your basic abilities by 50%. This can only happen once per 60 seconds or once per cast of each ability (whichever comes last).

Increase the duration of Dragon form to 30 seconds, grant yourself 10% spell power upon transformation for the duration, ALL damage you deal drain 5 % of the target(s) mana, and grants you your Dragon form Heroic.
Arcane Hole
Increase the duration of Arcane vortex by 1 second. Increases the slow of the vortex by 20% (ending at 70%), enemies caught in the vortex now take 1% of there maxium health and lose 1% of there current mana every .5 seconds caught in the Vortex.
Arcane Flow
Decrease the cooldown of Essence of Magic by 50% and increase the Range by 50%. Essence of Magic no longer causes Allied Heroes to lose mana.
Explosion Contraction
Quest: Deal 25,000 damage using Arcane Blast AND hit 30 heroes using Arcane Blast. Reward: Increase the radius by 50% and Arcane Blast now pulls enemy heroe(s) into the center. (The damage and all talented effects happen BEFORE enemy heroes are pulled to the center)

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A 15 second no draw back ultimate with roots, damages and more? Dragon form seems a little too overpowered to be legal. Otherwise great concept!