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2nd Trait (Shade of the Archmage): Start the game in Ghost Form with a maximum of 100 mana. While in this form, Antonidas is immune to all attacks, spells and effects, can pass through heroes and units, and can't attack.

The amount of mechanics with abilities and talents for this concept are too many for a single hero. Some of them are made to spark ideas. Also, the descriptions are much longer than HotS' original ones to have the most clarity and info. The game often omits very important talent/ability info while this is a concept.

Antonidas Becons in the Nexus
I think there is a desperate need for supports in HotS. Anyway, moving on.Antonidas is a Support/Mage Hero. Somewhat like his magi-counterpart Medivh, he can channel powerful spells, help allies and bother enemies.

Additional Information on the Base Concept
His first trait, "Shade of the Archmage", represents him as a ghost. He isn't affected by many things, and can pass through Heroes. This might sound like too good of a thing, and too similar to Medivh's "Crow Form", but it is directly tied to Antonidas' low health and his other trait.

"Guardian of Dalaran" is his "support". It provides baseline spell block for the team at the expense of his health and is also his mana regeneration. He takes damage by doing so and can die from it. Be aware of positioning with respect to allies and/or change targets to a hero who won't get hit if Antonidas is low on health. Think of his support as a portable battery charger, he gives the extra juice needed.

Base Playstyle
Antonidas needs to play around his ethereal and corporeal forms. In corporeal form, Antonidas is vulnerable, but can auto attack. He usually doesn't stay in that form for too long though. Paranormal Apparition is his first tool to make use of that mechanic, and he gets more tools with talents which can ultimately make him fully alive... changing his entire kit.

Match Progression and Talents
As noticed, his [E], Amnesia, makes him basically have only 2 basic abilities from the start. This means the player gets to chose between level 1, 7 or 16 for a potential power spike.

Here's the progression of his talent tiers:
| (1) Damage/Waveclear | (4) Utility/Support | (7) Mana/Damage | (10) | (13) Support | (16) Damage/Utility | (20) |

There's still so much to talk about this concept, but I feel I'll leave it for now and perhaps in the comments section.

Icon Credits
From HiveWorkshop.com
- Paranormal Apparition and all related talents Icons:
- Seed of Intellect and all related talents Icons:
- Mirror Entities:
San: Mastermind
- Conjure Food:
NFWar: BTNMuffin
- Game For Ghosts:
PeeKay: BTNBless

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The rest is from Blizzard Entertainment WC3 and WoW.

*He can only pick horses for mounts :)

I'll keep editing for a while.
talent breakdown
Conjure Food (Replaces Amnesia)
Mana Cost: 10 Mana
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Drop a smelly ethereal muffin at Antonidas' feet that lasts for 5 seconds. Enemies in its area take 30 damage every second and have their damage dealt reduced by 15%. An enemy hero can crush it if they walk over it, taking 60 damage every second and reducing their damage by 30% for double of the remaining duration. Taking damage from the muffin causes targets to be revealed.
Increase the radius of Paranormal Apparition's effect by 25% and increase its damage to monsters and summons by 200%.
Ethereal Charge
Antonidas' auto attacks splash for 35% of its damage to surrounding enemies. Increase this by 5% for every instance of mana gained from Guardian of Dalaran, up to 100%. The bonus lasts for 3 auto attacks.

"Get on with it!"
Reduce the cooldown of basic abilities by 12% when Guardian of Dalaran activates while at full mana.
Secret Passages
While at maximum mana, Shade of the Archmage lets Antonidas pass through short distances of terrain and structures. When inside of terrain or structures Antonidas takes spell damage , doesn't change movement direction and can't stop moving.
Speed of Intellect
After casting Seed of Intellect, all allied heroes on the map receive 15% increased movement speed for 3 seconds.

Game for Mages (Replaces Amnesia)
Mana Cost: 15 Mana
Cooldown: 6 Seconds
Throw a card in a direction, burning for 80 damage to the first hero hit. The damage is increased for every point of maximum mana over 100. (!) Hitting a hero refunds the mana cost and permanently increases Andonidas' maximum mana by 5, up to 75 more mana.
Collective Thinking
Permanently gain 5 maximum mana. Each hero near Antonidas temporarily increases his maximum mana by 5 and damage by 4%.
Full Fun Fright
After hitting 4 heroes with Paranormal Apparition, its next cast deals 100% bonus damage to enemy heroes and basic abilities cost 10 mana for one cast.

Cloak of Mater
Mana Cost: 80 Mana
Cooldown: 100 Seconds
Channel for 0.5 seconds and magically materialize! Enemies in a cone in front of Antonidas who are facing him are rooted and silenced for 0.75 seconds. For the next 25 seconds, Antonidas loses his traits and gains 500 increased health. The cooldown of Seed of Intellect is reduced by 12 seconds, costs no mana and affects all heroes it hits. Enemy heroes take 150 damage instead.
Mirror Entities
Mana Cost: 50 Mana
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
After 0.5 seconds, summon copies of friendly heroes near Antonidas at a random place near the target location. Copies imitate basic abilities at 20% effectiveness and damage. If there are no friendly heroes nearby, summon 2 apprentices instead and Antonidas conjures a stream of 5 fireballs towards enemy heroes, each dealing 65 damage. Copies last for 5 seconds. Also, doesn't copy copies or invisible allies (does work with stealth though).

Mark of the Kirin Tor
Increase Guardian of Dalaran's effect from 25% to 50%. If Antonidas took more than 30% of his health as damage, reduce the damage taken by its next effect to 50% of the damage prevented. Passive: Increase Antonidas' Health by 100.
Tome of Armor
Guardian of Dalaran instead grants 35 spell armor 2 seconds when the target takes spell damage. Antonidas now only takes 120% of the damage prevented.
Vanguard of Dalaran
Guardian of Dalaran can stack up to 3 times and reduce its damage prevented to 20%. Only one hero can accumulate stacks. If there are no nearby heroes, Antonidas gains 20 mana instead of 15.

Amplifly Magic (Replaces Insomnia)
Mana Cost: 30 Mana
Cooldown: 20 Seconds
Fill a hero with magic for 5 seconds. If the target is an ally, they get 20% spell power. Their spell armor is reduced by 2% for every time they cast an ability, up to 20%. If the target is an enemy, they will take 90 damage every time they cast an ability.
Game for Ghosts
Cooldown: 150 seconds
While dead (really dead), Paranormal Apparition can be activated once, with unlimited range and instead cause affected enemies to run in fear for 1 second. On that cast, Defender of Dalaran is active, and applies to all friendly heroes.If more than 4 heroes were feared, Antonidas will revive at that location when his death timer ends.
Orbs of Fire
The target of Guardian of Dalaran gains 30% increased basic attack damage and splashes for 35% of the damage in a small area. The splash effect is not affected by any additional auto-attack related bonuses and do not affect them.

Stare Scare
The cooldown of Cloak of Mater is reduced by 8 seconds every time Seed of Intellect hits an enemy hero. Seed of Intellect now also causes enemies to face towards its center and always damages enemy heroes .
Class Teleportation
Mirror Entities leaves a shadow of the original heroes during its effect. Respective heroes can click on them to teleport at the copy's location and gain 2 stacks of 30% spell block. If no hero copies are summoned, summon 2 additional apprentices. They also conjure 5 fire balls towards enemy heroes for 20% of the damage. Hero copies do not fall below 1 hp.
Flashback Frenzy
If no spell took the place of Insomnia, this talent becomes the only available one. Antonidas loses all basic abilities and his trait becomes Seed of Intellect. Then remember all 3 forgotten ones instead. Their cooldowns and Antonidas' death timer are reduced by 60%. Passive: Antonidas has 30% spell armor and regenerates 15 mana every second.

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