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The general fantasy of the hero is that you juggle between Recon and Sentry modes (very similar to Hammer) but you have unique benefits in both forms. Another big difference is the fact that Bastion's Sentry damage is mostly ability based and to top it off, it's a skillshot that can be blocked by a tank if the situation calls for it. Imagine a Li-ming with a watered down version of Disintegrate from lvl 1 :)

- 2 different forms, static and mobile
- Builds focused on physical or ability damage
- Long range poke is ability based and blockable, as opposed as Sgt Hammer
- Singular ult with multiple upgrades at 20
- Reload mechanic akin to Tracer although watered down.

1 - Quest tier
Here you define more or less if you wanna focus on a certain playstyle or you want to stay flexible for the rest of your build.
4 - Self Peeling tier
At lvl 4 you get some tools to help yourself in situations where the enemy team may try to burst you down.
7 - Utility tier
Vision, a counter to healing and some anti-cc for an immobile character. A little bit of everything.
13 - CC tier
Bastion's cc comes quite a bit late and isn't too much to balance for his potential damage and zoning.
16 -
20 - Storm tier
3 ult upgrades to compensate no choice at 10 and a jack of all trades talent if you need the burst of power asap.

Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions or any questions :P
talent breakdown
Wind-up Machinery
Quest: Take down enemy heroes in each configuration. Reward: After achieving 5 takedowns in Sentry mode, Sentry Gun's range and damage are increased by 20%. Reward: After achieving 5 takedowns in Recon mode, hitting an enemy hero with a basic attack increases your damage against them by 15% for 4 seconds.
Chaingun Railings
Quest: Hit enemy heroes multiple times with the same Sentry Gun cast Reward: After hitting enemy heroes 200 times, increase Sentry Gun's magazine size to 150 rounds. Reward: After hitting enemy heroes 400 times, reduce its reload time by 0.5 seconds and increase its firing rate by 50%.
Lock-on Systems
Quest: Hit enemy heroes with basic attacks. Basic attacks in Recon form count as two. Reward: After attacking enemy heroes 50 times, increase your attack speed by 50%. Reward: After attacking enemy heroes 150 times, increase your attack damage by 25% and attacks in Recon mode give you 20% movement speed for 1.5 seconds

Self-Care Protocol
While channeling Self-Repair, gain 20 armor.
Omnium Plating
After changing Configurations, gain a permanent shield for 10% of your maximum health.
Emergency Subroutines
Cooldown: 40 seconds
When taking damage below 40% health, gain 20% decaying movement speed in Recon mode or 50% crowd control reduction in Sentry mode for 3 seconds.
Omnite Rounds
Basic attacks in Recon mode or Sentry Gun in Sentry mode heal 20% of the damage dealt.

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Active: Send out Ganymede to a nearby location to scout the way and then stay in there, giving out vision and revealing Heroes that pass through.
Leaden Pointings
Heroes hit by Recon basic attacks have their healing reduced by 15% for 2 seconds. Sentry Gun hits reduce healing by 25% for 1 second.
Anti-Concussion Servos
Reloading now grants Unstoppable for 1.5 seconds (Can only happen once every 15 seconds).

Configuration: Tank (R)
Cooldown: 100 seconds
After 1.5 seconds, Bastion transforms into a tank for 10 seconds. In Tank mode he gains a shield that absorbs 750 damage, does 210 basic attack damage and he gains the Tank Cannon ability.

High-Caliber Ammo
Sentry Gun slows enemies hit by 50% decaying over 0.3 seconds.
Overcharged Blast
Every 30 seconds, your next basic attack in Recon mode roots the target in place for 1 second. The first round of your Sentry Gun's magazine roots the target for 1 second.
Clockwork Trigger
Every 3rd cosecutive basic attack in Recon mode against the same hero, slows the target by 60% decaying over 1 second.

Giant Exhaust
Increase Sentry Gun's width by 50% and it now deals 1% of the target's maximum health as damage against heroes. // Increase in width will make it easier to bodyblock
High Spread Volley
Basic attacks splash for 50% damage around the target.
Omnic Arsenal
Dealing 500 damage to heroes in Sentry mode will give your next 3 basic attacks in Recon mode 50% bonus damage. Dealing 500 damage to heroes in Recon mode will give your next Sentry Gun cast 50% extra damage .

Refactor: Frostbite Engine
Basic attacks during Configuration Tank now slow enemies around the target by 60% decaying over a second. Tank Cannon applies its slow in an area and now the main target is rooted instead.
Refactor: Aggresion Coils
Damaging an enemy Hero during Configuration Tank now gives Bastion 15% bonus damage (up to 30%) for the duration, and 50% of the damage dealt is returned as health.
Refactor: Efficient Capacitors
Reduce Configuration Tank's cooldown by 20 seconds and now shields for 70% more.
Crisis Protocol
Bastion has bonus attack damage and spell power the lower its health is (Up to 30%) Recon mode now gives an additional 1 range. Sentry mode now has 10 more passive armor.

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I like it but one problem If im not mistaken your dps doesnt match what you said with the rest of it if its 12 damage a shot and ten shots a second shouldnt it be 120 damage  a second not 95?
That's one thing I tried to make as clear as possible. Autoattacks and Sentry Gun are two different things. 

Autoattacks are still lock-on and hitscan (like Hammer's), but his Q ability is a straight line skillshot (Like Muradin's Q).
You can still autoattack with no Sentry Gun ammo, but most of your damage comes from there.

I hope that cleared out things for you :)