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Prince Zuko
I am new to making Hero Concepts, so expect the wording to be clunky and the numbers to be off. Apologies.

While I get this will never happen, one of the things I love about Heroes of the Storm is how it combines radically different universes together. I thought it would be really cool if the Avatar universe arrived at the nexus! I plan to do a concept for every Element (I'm thinking Toph and Aang as Tank and Multiclass respectively. I've already created Katara as a support).


Prince Zuko is meant to be about a AA hero that has a large number of rapid fire but reasonably easy to hit skillshots. His Fireball ability increases his DPS and he can reposition himself with Fire Jets. Blademaster mostly seems good only with talents built around it, but it offers a different way to play the hero.

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talent breakdown
Thousand Cuts
Zuko's Basic Attacks travel 50% faster
Dao Blades
While Blademaster is active, Zuko's Basic Attacks heal him for 1% of his Maximum Health
Fire Day Fireworks
Cooldown: 45
Active: For 6 seconds, Zuko can move while Basic Attacking
Every 5 seconds gain 50 Physical Armor against the next enemy basic attack. Blocking an attack deals 75 damage to nearby enemies.

Low Flying
Fire Jets burns enemies near Zuko for 31 damage per second
Piando's Teachings
Blademaster lasts 100% longer Quest: Maintain Blademaster Reward: After Blademaster has remained active for 100 total seconds, increase range while Blademaster is active by 1
Flameo, Hotman
Fireball leaves a trail of fire which slows enemies by 15% and deals 44 damage per second

While mounted, reveal the tracks of enemy heroes for the last 20 seconds
Seasoned Firebender
Takedowns permanently increase Zuko's Basic Attack damage by 5
Firebending Instructor
Nearby friendly minions deal 33% extra damage and become ranged

Lightning Bending
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 70
After a 1.25 second cast, channel to shoot bolts of lightning at enemies that deal 575 damage and leap to the nearest enemy dealing 218. Lasts 6 seconds
Dancing Dragon Style
Passive: Basic Attacking an enemy hero grants 60 Physical Armor against their Basic Attacks for 4 seconds

Flame Flurry
After Zuko lands 3 Basic Attacks in a row, Activate to launch 2 more in rapid succession
Intense Flames
Fireballs damage over time deals 50% more damage to targets below 50% health
Iroh's Teachings
Regen Globes grant 50% additional Basic Attack projectile and attack speed for 9 seconds

Dark Swords
While Blademaster is active your Basic Attacks inflict Silence for 0.5 seconds
Fire at Will
Cooldown: 60
Active: Channel for 1.25 seconds before unleashing a flurry of 4 Basic Attacks
Searing Flight
Fire Jets leaves a trail that does 96 damage per second and lasts 7 seconds

Yin and Yang
Lightning Bending now shoots a continuous stream of Lightning, dealing 530 damage per second
Original Firebender
Passive: Dealing Ability damage to an enemy hero grants 25 Spell Armor for 3 seconds
Forceful Flame
Basic Attacks pierce up to 2 targets
Bolt of the Nation
Cooldown: 60
Activate to teleport to a target location and dealing 250 damage.

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I love this. Its hilarious! All that needs to occur in order for this to become a reality is Blizzard needs to purchase the company that created Avatar and then we will see this hero for sure.