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Of course the XP to reach the talent tiers is drastically reduced as you are only gathering for yourself.
Yes I realize these talents are all incredibly powerful, but bare in mind not only does he get less of them, he will sometimes be bullied into getting them slower, also his base kit is mediocre (though a 1 second stun and a reasonably escape are nothing to sneeze at)
talent breakdown


Jurassic Skin
Passively gain 20 Armor, and heal for 50% of all XP you gather. Increase the range and stun duration of Rock Throw by 50%
Greek Fire
Passively gain 10% move speed and your Flame Breath deals 100% additional damage. [Active:] Gain a 510 point shield and your Basic Attacks deal 60% additional damage while it lasts.
Increase all damage done to non-Heroes by 150%, and gather 20% additional XP from minions. Gain the vision of all Mercenaries and Minions

Primal Crunch
Cooldown: 30
Deals 210 damage in an area and gather 20 XP for each enemy hero hit
Draco Meteor
Cooldown: 4
Three large rocks deal 310 damage each in an area. Casting this ability reduces your Armor and Spellpower by 20% for 7 seconds, stacking


Dragon Armor
Gathering XP generates a shield double in size. Reflect 50% of damage taken back on the attacker. When the shield is broken, gain 50% Movement Speed and automatically clamber over terrain for 6 seconds
Freak of Nature
Casting an ability grants 20% Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Your Basic Attacks become ranged and deal 2% of the target Heroes Maximum Life as bonus damage
Savagery and Voodoo
Using a Basic Ability grants all nearby allies 20% Spellpower and reveals nearby enemies for 2 seconds [[Active]] Summon a large rock wall with 2156 health after 1 second. It can be clambered over for free

Endless Hunger
Levels beyond 20 give 8% scaling instead of the typical 4%

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