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talent breakdown
Leave a Mark
Stunning a hero with Stone Smash reduces the targets Physical Armor by 30 for 4 seconds
Debris Avalanche
Rock Slide extends 10% further and 30% faster
Reduce the duration of Mother Nature by 1 second, but increase the Attack Speed bonus to 30%
Debilitating Stab
Physical Damage reduces the damage enemy heroes deal by 5%, stacking up 30%, for 4 seconds

Bone Breaker
Stone Smash stuns for an additional 0.5 seconds, but no longer deals bonus damage
Controlled Storm
Mother Nature can be reactivated to end prematurely
Eye of the Earth
Every enemy Hero Rock Slide hit extends its range and damage by 15%, up to 60%

Order and Chaos
10% of Physical damage done also heals nearby allies
Citadel Guardian
Cooldown: 45
[Active:] Channel on a friendly structure to give it and yourself 50 Armor
[Active:] Smite a target with global range for 410 damage after 2 seconds. Costs 50% of your Mana.

Iron Golem
Summon a large ring of mechs around you. These mechs only have 210 health, but you can reactivate on them to switch places with them
Wrath Unleashed
Tear the battleground apart, creating a web of cracks that extend from your hero to the 3 nearest Forts or Keeps, dealing 15% of a heroes Maximum Life

Full Physical
Physical damage is increased by 20% against targets with more life than Durlock
Press the Advantage
Basic Attacks against heroes under 50% health grant 40% Attack Speed for 2 seconds
Eye of the Earth
Durlock is immune to Blinds and can Basic Attacks targets that are evading Basic Attacks
Second Boom
Mother Nature also explodes at the cast location for 50% damage

Long Staff
Increase your Basic Attack range by 35%
Shattered Realm
Your Basic Abilities recharge 1% faster for every friendly XP granting structure
Transfer Health
[Active:] Deal 10% of a friendly heroes maximum life to heal yourself for 200% of this ammount

Master of Metal and Mechanics
Iron Golem mechs have 200% additional health
Deep Fissure
The cracks from Wrath Unleashed are impassable terrain , persisting for 5 seconds
Marriage of Darkness and Chaos
Your Basic Attacks cleave

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