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I wanted this Moira concept to be as close as possible to the Overwwatch character. I also wanted to create a hero who can switch between damage and heal. The first idea I had was a bit op. I increased her cooldowns and lowered her healing and damage outputs to try to balance her a little.
talent breakdown
Give with one hand
!Quest: Heal allies for an amount of 15000 Health. !Reward: Gains 15% Spell power while in Light mode.
Take with another
!Quest: Get takedowns while in Shadow mode. !Reward: Upon getting 5 takedowns, get 10% spell power while in Shadow mode. !Reward: Upon getting 10 takedowns, unlocks Unleash Energy.
After using Biocrossing, gain 20% spell power decaying over 4 seconds.

All of you!
Increase Biotic Light Grasp's angle by 125%.
I follow you!
Increase Biotic Light Grasp's range by 30%.
Lock on beam
!Quest: Use and recover energy. !Reward: After using 1500 energy, the movespeed reduction while channeling Biotic Shadow Grasp decreased to 10%. !Reward: After recovering 1500 energy, increase the range of Biotic Shadow Grasp by 20%.

I am improved
Reduce the duration of Biotic Shadow Beam by 4 seconds. If it reaches its full duration, it instantly provides 10 energy and deals 4% of the target's maximum health as damage, tripled against heroes. This damage does not heal Moira.
Safe escape
Increase Fading Light's range by 25%. Fading Light now also affects Moira.
Quick Death
Takedowns while in Shadow Mode lower the cooldown of Fading Shadow by 8 seconds.

Cooldown: 70s
Fire a beam for 8s with a huge range and width healing all ally heroes within it for 165 (+4% per level) and damaging all enemy heroes within it for 83 (+4% per level) Health per second. While channeling, Moira can move but her movespeed is reduced by 20%. The beam is fired toward the hero it was casted on. Use R to change the target and D to cancel its channelling.
Cooldown: 45s
Moira gains 100% spell power and attack damage for 8s. Basic attacks increase Overpower's duration by 0.5 seconds. Moira cannot use Biocrossing for Overpower's duration.

Orbs rain
For each enemy affected by Biotic Shadow Orb, its cooldown refreshes 10% faster up to 50%.
Bounce back
While in Light Mode, activate Biotic Light Orb again to make it bounce back to the opposite direction. Can only be used once per cast.
Double focus
Dashing through an ally affected by Biotic Light Orb causes Fading Light's armor to last 2s longer. Dashing through an enemy affected by Biotic Shadow Orb causes Fading Shadow's armor reduction to last 2s longer.

Switching sides
Using Biocrossing while a Biotic Orb is active changes its nature, reseting its duration. Only one Biotic Orb of each nature can be active at a time.
You're finished!
Using Fading Shadow while hitting an enemy with Biotic Shadow Grasp increases its damage dealt by 150% for the remaining time.
More and more!
Biotic Shadow Orb now grants you 7 energy per second and per enemy hero hit.

Ultimate mastery
Reduces Coalescence's cooldown by 1s for each enemy or ally hit per second.
Overpower lasts 50% longer. You can now use Biocrossing while Overpower is active.
Biocrossing now grants you 30% movespeed and 10% spell power for 3 seconds and its cooldown is reduced by 2 second.
Biocrossing now leaves a Doppelganger on the opposite mode of Moira that lasts 8 seconds. The Doppelganger mimics Biotic Orbs and Fades at 40% effectiveness. Increases Biocrossing's cooldown by 3 seconds.

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