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-The reason Robin has no mana right now is that I am not sure whether having mana on top of the ability usage limitations is excessive. Perhaps mana bar could be used to show durability of different tomes, allowing more counterplay from opponents.
-Pair Up doesn't activate from DOT-effects, such as Lunara's poison
-Robin cannot move while casting Thoron. This time is longer with Charged Lightning (something like 0.75s and 1s respectively)
-Turning the tide increases Pair Up bonus by 50%, so to 22,5% bonus without Solidarity, and to 30% with Solidarity
-Ignis boost is affected by Pair Up
-Before exploding, Bolganone deals 12 damage every 0.3 seconds to enemies inside it's radius.
talent breakdown
Wind Streams
Elwinds range is increased
Escape Route
Robin gains 10% movement speed while under 25% health
Quest: Deal extra damage with Pair Up 30 times. Reward: Pair Up bonus increased to 20%

Critical Hit!
Elwind's Pair Up -bonus is tripled
Static Shock
Damaging an enemy hero 5 times with a single Thoron slows them by 15 %
Increases Bolganone's range and radius

Charged Lightning
Thoron is longer, and can hit up to 7 times
Searing Flames
Bolganone's explosion deals extra damage over 5 seconds
Cooldown: 60s
Activate to increase damage of all abilities by 72 (+scaling) for 7 seconds

Levin Sword
Cooldown: 30
Robin swings his sword, dealing 150 damage and slowing enemies in a wide arc. Passive: Robin gains a ranged basic attack. 5 uses, restores in 90 seconds
Grima's Truth
Cooldown: 50s
Cast a ball of dark energy that explodes on impact, dealing 330 damage in an area. 3 uses, restores in 150 seconds

Tip the Scales
Cooldown: 25s
Pair Up can be activated to make it apply to allies for 10 seconds (Allies damaging enemies Robin has damaged deals extra damage)
Shock Tactics
Thoron deals extra damage equal to 1,5% of hero's maximum health.
Focused Lightning
Damaging an enemy hero 5 times with a single Thoron deals extra damage
Elwind lowers enemy armour by 20

Durable Tomes
All basic abilities gain 3 extra uses
Push the Advantage
Damage against enemies that are rooted, stunned or silenced increased by 25%
Bolganone deals extra damage against enemies with lowered armour

Brave Sword
Levin Sword attacks twice. If both attacks hit an enemy, they are stunned for 1 second.
Grima's Truth now leaves behind a burning area that deals damage to enemies. Grima's Truth gains 2 extra charges.
Turning the Tide
Pair Up's bonus increased by 50%
If all abilities are used up at the same time, regain all uses.

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really cool idea, of like a hero that can spam powerful abilities to apply pressure, but after that he becomes nearly useless until they all recharge.