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Introducing... ITHEREAL! the first auto attack burst hero!
Ithereal's main role in teamfights is to burst down low hp assassins with his aa's, his main way of surviving is by increasing enemy cooldowns and even disabling their trait wich allows him to last longer instead of being burst down by a mage himself.

Update 5: Q is no longer hunters mark
Update 4: wording
Update 3: Fate of: Travel reworked into Fate of: Gladiator
Update 2: Fate of: Death rework (Fate of: Travel soon)
Update 1: Nerfs & Marked by Fate rework
This is for a challenge vs Books winner is determined by most likes.
talent breakdown
Cold fate
Auto attacks slow the target by 10% for 3 seconds
Fate is inevitable
Increase trait range by 10%
Fate of the Nephalem
Cooldown: 45
Acrivate to stun a enemy for 0.5 seconds.
Cold dead hands
Decrease Grasp your fate's cool down by 3

Justice's fate
Cooldown: Auto attack 5 times to use this again
Reaveal a large area of the map
Quest to change fate
Cooldown: 45
Quest: Kill every enemy hero atleast once. Reward: active to teleport a short distance
Marked for life
Quest: kill 3 enemy heroes without dying. Reward: Marked by fate now lasts 6 seconds

Valor's fate
Auto attacks reduce basic ability cooldowns by 1 seconds
Knowledge is power
Fate foretold now increases allies mana regen by 30%
Fate is eternal.
While Fate Foretold is active allies have 40 spell armor

Fate of: Death
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 100
Ithereal marks any nearby enemies within 4 range, which lower their armor by 20 for 2.5 seconds. Ithereal has his basic attack damage increased by 50% while active. His trait cooldown is set to 0.3 seconds for the duration. Lasts 15 seconds. can be canceled by reactivating after 5 seconds. each second Fate of: Death is active increase it’s range by 0.5.
Fate of: Gladiator
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 50
Teleport to a target and apply the Fate of: Gladiator status to them. Fate of: Gladiator causes the target to take 25% more damage from Ithereal’s auto attacks, each auto attack from Itherael deals an additional 50% damage after 2 seconds (this can only happen 2 times per Fate of: Gradiator) they deal 10% more damage and can only be hurt by and hurt Ithereal when the status is active. Lasts 10 seconds. If either one of the heroes dies, this effect ends immediately.

Hope's fate
Ithereal's auto attack damage heals him for 20 % of the damage
Fate protects the worthy
Ithereal gains gains 15 armor (does not stack) while near a hero with 2500hp. heroes with 2500hp near Ithereal gain 5 armor.
The end of all things
Damage dealt to a marked target is applied to them again when the mark expires as 50% of the total damage, This damage is damage over time

Wisdom's fate
Ithereal's AA's now deal an additional 5% of the targets health.
Fate follows
Ithereal's attack range is now 7 auto attack's now only deal 60% of the damage they usually do. You can now activate trait to teleport to a teammate if they are in trait range of 6.5.
The blade of fate
While Fate Foretold is active auto attacks increase enemy basic ability cooldowns by 1

Gaze into the scroll.
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 65
Increase Ithereals auto attack speed by 35%. his w and e range by 100%. and his trait range is also increased by 50% lasts 9 seconds
Betrayed by fate
Cooldown: 30
activate to gain old cloak effect for 4 seconds. During this time you cannot be auto attacked but you can auto attack the enemy without being revealed
Fate of: Life
Fate of: Death now gives all allies in it's radius a +25% to all healing sources and 20 ability power
Fate of: Impending doom
Increase the amount of times the target can take 50% extra damage to 4 and Fate of: Gladiator reduces their damage by 10% instead of increasing it by 10%

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