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This hero can either be turned into a bruiser, fast assassin, or a CC maniac, Or you could be all of the above. This hero has one heroic for one reason but I forgot the reason so ya. It will NOT be able to be activated before ten though but as soon as it hits it watch your mana bars.
talent breakdown
Psionic Strength
Quest: Gain 1 damage for every three seconds you attack an enemy hero.
Silent Protector
Increase shields regen rate to 20% a second. Passive: increase shield pool to 75% of healthpool.
Blade of the Nerazim
Increase the damage overtime effect of Fire by 50%

Microscopic Armor
Repeatable Quest: For every 100 Percent of damage taken equal to your healthpool increase your max health by 20. Reward: after reaching 200 bonus health Gain 10 armor.
Pain is the best medicine
Quest: Every takedown increases the life leech of Earth by 2%.
Protector of the Nerazim
While Ice is active after 2 seconds of remaining on the same target increase the beams slow to 45%.

Light Alloys
Makes void ray permenetly 10% faster and removes the Slow. But increases damage taken by 10%.
Heavy Alloys
Voidray gains 15 armor but increases the permanent slow to 25 percent.
Replicating Alloys
Quest: Globes increase health regeneration by 2.

Static Cloud
Cooldown: 65 Sec.
Emit a static cloud that drains 50 mana/Energy a second for 5 seconds and deals 100 damage a second.

Fire Spike
Makes Q appy 100 damage a second over 3 seconds. Fire must be active for damage to apply.
Ice Spike
Using Q applys a 1.25 second root to beam target. Ice must be active when activated.
Earth Spike
After Q is activated heal for 100 Health per second over five seconds.

Focus Beam
Increase beams range by 10%per second up to 50% reseting with trait.
Quest: every spike hit increases damage of each spike by 5.
Psionic Armor
Teporarly increase max health pool by 25% for 4 seconds. after it ends it will leave you off at the same percent.

Static Storm
Double the damage and mana/energy drain of static cloud.
Stablize Shields
shield regen can no longer be interupted but cannot heal more than 100 percent max shield pool.
Lock Beams and Incinerate
Apply all elemnts at once permanently.

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