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Diamond Hands
Current Standing: 2w-0l
Hey, I'm Coby "Nintorii" Colson, and I play offlane for Diamond Hands. I am a college student whose work and school life both revolve around making games, as I'm currently pursuing a degree in computer science and game design.

I started playing competitively in 2018 as a support, first qualifying for the HGC crucible with Team XD (spoilers: we lost) and then winning the next crucible with Scythe Esports. In season 1, I played offlane for Granit Gaming, and after a season of waiting and grinding, I am excited to be back in CCL playing for Diamond Hands. My goal for this season is to prevent Twitch chat from ceremoniously shouting "Intorii" by preserving my KDA at all costs, second only to winning games.

Favorite heroes: Hogger, Rexxar
Ranged DPS
Hey I'm Nathan "Kelsier" Bartholoma, and I play Ranged DPS for Diamond Hands. I'm 19 years old and I'm one of the rookies for season 3. I've played HotS for multiple years, first getting into competitive through the community-run amateur leagues. I was and always will be a proud Anti Clown Association member. After watching and grinding for a shot at the first 2 seasons of CCL, I'm getting a chance to prove myself in CCL Season 3. I hope to make the believers believe, and to ruin the doubters points.

Favorite Heroes: Hanzo/Greymane
Ranged DPS