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Current Standing: 4w-3l
Hey, I am Dennis Schneider - also known as HasuObs. People call me the #Blizzardgamespecialist. Former pro in Warcraft III and Starcraft 2 and somewhat successful in Heroes Of The Storm!

You can check out my gameplay on Twitch or YouTube:

https://www.twitch.tv/liquidhasuobs https://www.youtube.com/user/MrHasuObs
My name is Liam O'Malley. I'm 21 years old, was born July 12th 1999. I am currently taking online courses, with my major being in Computer Science.

For most of my life I played soccer competitively, but ended up having to stop since the main league I played in only allowed ages 18 and under. Losing that was pretty saddening since I loved to play and I loved the competition.

However, eventually I got into HotS as my first MOBA; and it was able to somewhat fill that competitive desire. After a couple years of playing HotS, I got into the amateur scene, and after playing in that for a year or so I eventually got noticed.

Shortly after, I got a tryout with an HGC team known as Endemic. I was told I'd made the team and was going to be playing with Endemic in HGC 2019 before it got abruptly cancelled. As much as I wish I got to play in HGC, I'm very happy and grateful to be a part of CCL now.
Hey I'm XraYY and I got interested into competitive Hots in 2017. My former Team Captain "Drifer" a great shotcaller, taught me quite some things and we played together in the HGC Open Division 2018 with me on Support.

After HGC got cancelled I switched to Dota for some months together with QopenHagen who was offlaning in our Open Division Team but didn't really have the time to tryhard, was finishing school back then.

Played CCL season 1 with CrowdControl as a drafter / macro caller and now here I am playing Season 2 back as a tank!
Ranged DPS
Fave hero: Tracer

I hate losing and somehow ended up in CCL
Competitive French player, known for his Lucio. Also secretly is a Valeera enjoyer.
Fave Hero Kharazim

Heroes of the Storm veteran and key figure within Korean HotS, Hide has played for a who's who of the top Korean teams in HotS history and now brings his experience as coach for 30k.