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Current Standing: 6w-1l
Hey, I am Dennis Schneider - also known as HasuObs. People call me the #Blizzardgamespecialist. Former pro in Warcraft III and Starcraft 2 and somewhat successful in Heroes Of The Storm!

You can check out my gameplay on Twitch or YouTube:

https://www.twitch.tv/liquidhasuobs https://www.youtube.com/user/MrHasuObs
My name is Liam O'Malley. I'm 21 years old, was born July 12th 1999. I am currently taking online courses, with my major being in Computer Science.

For most of my life I played soccer competitively, but ended up having to stop since the main league I played in only allowed ages 18 and under. Losing that was pretty saddening since I loved to play and I loved the competition.

However, eventually I got into HotS as my first MOBA; and it was able to somewhat fill that competitive desire. After a couple years of playing HotS, I got into the amateur scene, and after playing in that for a year or so I eventually got noticed.

Shortly after, I got a tryout with an HGC team known as Endemic. I was told I'd made the team and was going to be playing with Endemic in HGC 2019 before it got abruptly cancelled. As much as I wish I got to play in HGC, I'm very happy and grateful to be a part of CCL now.
Ranged DPS
Fave hero: Tracer

I hate losing and somehow ended up in CCL
Competitive French player, known for his Lucio. Also secretly is a Valeera enjoyer.
My name is Benjamin "BadBenny" Eekenulv, and I am a former professional Heroes of the Storm player.

Played main tank and offlane during HGC for teams such as Team Expert, Fnatic, Method. Nowadays I have a normal job but CCL made me want to give HotS a try again, so have been playing it competitively again as a hobby since CCL S1.

Currently playing for "The Hardos" in Europe, and 30K in NA.

Favorite tanks: Muradin and Stitches. Favorite non-tanks: Auriel/Valla/Falstad/Qhira/Sonya
Hey I'm Nagrom212 a French Main Tank. 20 years old, and I'm omega colour blind. I study theatre/cinema thing oh and also I'm the 6th player of 30K.