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Season 2 CCL Awards Show
We're excited to announce the return of the HeroesCCL Awards Show for Season 2! It's the time we get to celebrate the hard work and excitement of another CCL season and those who stood out the most.

Nomination Phase:
Wednesday, June 16 - Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Voting Phase: 
Friday, June 25 - Friday, July 9, 2021

Finals MVP Voting (on Twitter): 
Monday, July 26, 2021

The CCL Awards Show will be broadcast live on twitch.tv/heroeshearth on Saturday, July 31, 2021 at 4pm ET/1pm PT/10pm CEST!

Best Play of Season 2
Best Series of Season 2

30k vs. WildHeart Esports - Week 6

Diamond Hands vs. STORM Esports - Week 5

Oxygen Esports vs. WildHeart Esports - Week 5

Granit Gaming vs. WildHeart Esports - Week 7

Top Moment of Season 2
Favorite CCL Organization


Oxygen Esports


STORM Esports

Best Flex Player of Season 2

Drated - Oxygen Esports

HasuObs - 30k

Hosty - Simplicity

Ibtingz - STORM Esports

Best Offlane Player of Season 2

Daykwaza - STORM Esports

Kure - Simplicity

Liam - 30k

Nazmas - Oxygen Esports

Best DPS Player of Season 2

Dynouh - 30k

Lutano - Simplicity

MadaraUchiha - Oxygen Esports

Qepi - STORM Esports

PSD Underwear's Best Support Player of Season 2

BananaH - Chilly Mountain

BBJ - STORM Esports

LegacY - Simplicity

YasuOTP - 30k

Best Tank Player of Season 2

Lauber - STORM Esports

Mascarade - Simplicity

cattlepillar - Chilly Mountain

RedRobot - Oxygen Esports

6th Player of the Season

cattlepillar - Chilly Mountain

CPX - STORM Esports

fancypants - Granit Gaming

jae12321 - Simplicity

Most Improved Player

Funz - Diamond Hands

CPX - STORM Esports

cattlepillar - Chilly Mountain

Drated - Oxygen Esports

Regular Season Most Valuable Player

cattlepillar - Chilly Mountain

Kure - Simplicity

Liam - 30k

Qepi - STORM Esports

Best CCL Halftime Show Interview

BadBenny - Diamond Hands

BBJ - STORM Esports

Hebi - Oxygen Esports

Lauber - STORM Esports

Favorite Co-Streamer





Best S2 CCL Fan Meme

AYYSTUN in Twitch chat

30k - Hebi's Lucio vs Yasu's Lucio

Lauber sings to Granit Gaming and dooms their fate

Yasu monkaSTEER in Twitch chat

Finals MVP


Finals MVP will be voted on via Twitter after the finals conclude on Monday, July 26th