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What is Heroes CCL?
HeroesCCL is a 13-week long league composed of the best players in Heroes of the Storm from all regions around the world. The league launched in August 2020 and has completed three successful seasons.

Season 4 will begin in May 2022 and conclude in August 2022!

If you'd like to stay up to date on the latest news of CCL, you can check out our announcement blogs.

Eight Organizations are a part of HeroesCCL, selected by CCL Admin. Orgs are responsible for drafting their team, managing their rosters, and paying Players their monthly stipend and prize money.

Players will receive $700 as a minimum seasonal stipend from Heroes Hearth for participation in CCL Season 4. In addition to this base stipend, Orgs and Players will earn prize money they win based on their seasonal performance.

Teams play in a 7-week long group stage, followed by one week of ladder playoffs to determine the top 4 teams. The top 4 compete in a double-elimination finals event to crown the winner of the season.

All games are broadcast live on Grubby's Twitch and WSDMGaming's Twitch, plus the VODs of all the games are available on YouTube.

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HeroesCCL is owned and operated by Wisdom Gaming Group d/b/a Heroes Hearth and not affiliated with or administrated by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in any way.

Inquiries: hots@wisdom.gg