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Created September 13, 2019

Haymaker is Garbage, and so are You

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But if you MUST play dps from the tank slot, at least do it properly. Here's how.

Correctly Utilising Memes

Firstly, understand that as a Haymaker Muradin, you are not a tank. You are an oversized Bruiser that looks like a tank. You occupy the same shape, but you don't do the same thing. While you CAN scout, sponge, peel, and lockdown targets, you're going to use most of your cooldowns selfishly, to enable kills, rather than to save allies.

THIS MEANS that you MUST get the jump on the enemy team - sometimes literally - every single time. If you ever Haymaker AFTER a fight has started, your teammates have probably blown all their cooldowns and whatever you punched is going to walk out. Countless Muradins have knocked an Ana straight into their team - only to cry "no followup" as she strolls away. What they don't pay attention to is the Garrosh who's been walking at their teammates for ten seconds straight, absorbing damage and pushing them away. This is your fault; be aware of the enemy AND your team, or you're not getting kills.

This ties into a second problem with this playstyle: you need to look for deep, clever flanks. The easiest way to punch someone is to walk up out of vision, stun them, haymaker, and E to safety. This is the smart play, because it doesn't telegraph that there's a punch coming and makes it easier for both you and your team to achieve the kill without dying. Do NOT just dive into the enemy team head first; the best case scenario involves you being surrounded by four enemies without an escape or ultimate, and them being murderously aware. Too many Muradins use their E like it does damage; Avatar Muradins jump in, the rest of you jump out.


What's Vision? What's a flank?

Whenever possible, mount up. If you're not fighting, mount up. If you're not clearing a wave, mount up. You're Muradin; you suck at that anyway.

Being mounted means you get to go fast, faster than anyone walking around; it lets you get behind the enemy quickly, and without having to spend cooldowns or mana - things you might need in the next five seconds. Flanking the enemy doesn't involve jumping; it involves pressing Z and right clicking till your in position behind them.

Mind, you want to do this unseen; if a Muradin mounts up beside a wave and walks directly down, it's pretty easy to guess where they're going. If you walk a little away from the enemy wave - well now, you could be doing anything. Going top, going bottom, tapping, basing - there's no visual information on what you're doing. And when there's no information on where you are, it's easier to surprise people into dying. Staying out of vision, even if only for two or three seconds, makes people forget you exist and pay more attention to the big shiny Greymane directly in front. This is good, because unaware heroes get punched.


Get Punched

Keep in mind that the target you punched is alive and breathing at the end of it; knocking an Arthas into your backline won't do your team any favours. Look for non-mobile heroes that don't have CC available. Punching Raynor into your team is good; punching Thrall means you gave the enemy team a perfect Earthquake or Sunder. Likewise, a Garrosh with Taunt and Wrecking Ball is a no-go, but without either is a free kill. Even if you don't net a kill, you could win a large cooldown, like an Ancestral Healing. That's a huge uptrade for a <40s CD! Look for creative uses of punch; the target does full damage to anything in it's path, and NO ONE is ready to dodge their own tank flying at them. Illidan hunting your Lucio? Punch him into his diving team; the 'daze' (mini-stun) when they collide will also interrupt dive abilities.



Bits and Baubles

On isolated maps like Dragon Shire or Alterac Pass, you can try out the deletion build; with Perfect Storm, Rewind, and Thunder Burn, you can 100-0 most squishies in the game with AA-Q-W-E-1-AA-Q-W-E-AA-R. You don't need to get the combo perfect to kill most heroes, either.

Terrain is particularly useful for turning a fight into a 4-5; invading Siege camps on Infernal, for example, you can knock whoever's on the point into their base. You can do the same with tributes on Cursed Hollow and Alterac Pass.

This is especially useful on boss points, because without Avatar, you can't take nearly as much punishment.

If you punch someone into terrain they cannot bypass, such as at the edge of a map, you'll get the benefit of the damage without any displacement. It also acts acts as a short stun.

The daze from the knockback is useful for interrupting channels, such as Stukov's arm, Anduin's Salvation, or Moshpit.


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Third Wind
Increases Health Restoration rate to 83 per second, and raises Health threshold to 50% Health for improved 180 per second Restoration.
Third Wind at level one gives us an enormous amount of self heal between skirmishes; it's recommended because it's easy to use, and takes advantage of all that time you're spending mounting up and wandering around. You can psyche out the enemy just by walking up behind them and showing your face; eat a few cds, walk away, do it again; suddenly they're too far to stall the tribute, and you get a free curse.

Your alternative defensive is Block; it'll mitigate a fat burst of damage for when you start jumping in, after 16, and generally protect you from getting killed 100-0.

Perfect Storm pairs well with Rewind for a 100-0 build. Don't forget to take Thunder Burn for that second 300% damage proc!
Increases the Attack Speed slow of Thunder Clap from 25% to 50% and the duration from 2.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds. Each enemy Hero hit reduces your Heroic Ability cooldown by 5%.
At level four, we go for Reverberation; the extra attack speed slow helps for when you're in the middle of several angry swordsmen, and the CD reduction can occasionally net you a second punch by the end of the fight.

Thunder Burn's a better choice for the Rewind build; the second static burst will ALSO do 300% damage.
Give 'em the Axe!
Attacking a Hero that is slowed, rooted, or stunned increases your Basic Attack damage by 50% for 3 seconds.
Level seven is our damage tier; while Heavy Impact looks promising, it's an unnecessary slow taped to your escape; you're usually stunning them before you punch them anyway. Executioner auto attacks are an enormous help in securing kills, and just generally having threat.
Stun target enemy Hero, and wind up a punch dealing 332 (+4% per level) damage and knocking the target back, hitting enemies in the way for 332 (+4% per level) damage and knocking them aside.
Thunder Strike
Thunder Clap deals 300% damage if only one target is hit. Increases Muradin's Dwarf Toss Armor duration from 2 to 4 seconds
At thirteen, take Thunder Strike; the increased armour duration+ on the jump helps when we're going in post sixteen, and the damage increase is an enormous burst to isolated targets.
Dwarf Launch
Increase the range of Dwarf Toss by 40%. Hitting an enemy Hero with Dwarf Toss reduces its cooldown by 3 seconds.
At sixteen, Dwarf Launch; you can now jump in, like you've been wanting all game long. It also enables more creative flanks, such as jumping from the small bush by bottom Alterac keep wall.

Grand Slam
Haymaker gains a 2nd charge and its damage is increased by 25%. If a Hero dies within 3 seconds of being hit by Haymaker, instantly gain 1 charge.
Grand Slam enables an entirely new playstyle; you can knock two enemies out of the fight and turn it into a 5v3, or punch someone into your team twice. You can punch the tank out and a squishy in; there's a lot of creativity in how you use this talent. Try it out!

Alternatively, both Hardened Shield and Rewind are excellent choices situationally; you'll generally know when you need them more, such as when the enemy blow up is too potent, or to 100-0 a fragile, isolated target.
Balance Patch - 08/28/19
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