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Created November 25, 2018

nutty Kerrigan build

Infinite synergy between 1 & 7, buys you enough time in a teamfight to find a good combo, and that combo is gonna be a kill because of your 4 &16, boom.
Siphoning Impact
Hitting an enemy Hero with Ravage grants 90 points of Assimilation Shields.
Kinetic Fulmination
Damaging an enemy increases the damage of Kerrigan's next Impaling Blades within 10 seconds by 10%, up to 100%.
Boundless Fury
Hitting an enemy Hero with Ravage grants a charge of Ravage. Can only occur once every 10 seconds per Hero.
Deals 74 damage per second to nearby enemies. Lasts for 7 seconds.
Volatile Power
Increases the amount of Assimilation Shields granted from damage dealt by 10%, but reduce duration of Assimilation by 3 seconds.
Painful Spikes
Enemies hit by Impaling Blades take an additional 70 damage the next 6 times Kerrigan damages them within 5 seconds.
Psionic Shift
Activate to teleport to a nearby location, dealing 50 damage to nearby enemies. Generates 300% increased Assimilation Shields from the damage dealt.
Balance Patch - 11/13/18
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