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Created August 29, 2019

The New Chromie Era

Once Again the First Time
Quest: Hit 40 Heroes with Sand Blast. Reward: Increase the maximum number of active Echoes to 2.
Chronic Conditions
After its Time Stop ends, enemies affected by Time Trap are Slowed by 30% for 3 seconds and allies gain 25% Movement Speed for 3 seconds
A Proper Greeting
Damaging a Stunned, Rooted, or Slowed enemy Hero grants 25% additional damage for 5 seconds.
Slowing Sands
Summon a sand vortex that Slows enemies by 10% every 0.25 seconds, up to 70%.
Gnome Speed Ahead!
After casting Sand Blast, Chromie gains 20% Movement Speed and 200% increased Health regeneration.
Fast Forward
If Sand Blast travels at least 50% of its base distance and hits a Hero, its cooldown is reduced to 0.5 seconds and refunds 10 Mana.
Blessing of the Bronze
While Chromie is alive, her and all allied Heroes gain 20% Movement Speed and their Basic Abilities recharge 35% faster. Hitting enemy Heroes with Sand Blast from Chromie or her Echoes reduces the cooldown of Blessing of the Bronze by 8 seconds.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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