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Created December 23, 2017

The Build That Doesn't Lose

The key is to cast two serpents at a time using your cooldown reduction, while having constant up-time during team fights.
Wind Serpent
Casting Cloud Serpent also launches a Blinding Wind at the nearest enemy target.
Serpent Sidekick
Each time a Cloud Serpent attacks a Hero, its duration is increased by 0.6 seconds.
Lightning Serpent
Cloud Serpent attacks bounce to 2 nearby Heroes for 50% damage.
Jug of 1,000 Cups
Rapidly tosses brew to the most injured nearby allies, prioritizing Heroes, restoring a total of 1698 Health over 6 seconds.
Surging Winds
If at least two targets of Blinding Wind are Heroes, gain 10 Spellpower for 10 seconds and reduce the cooldown of Blinding Wind by 2 seconds.
Blessings of Yu'lon
Cloud Serpent attacks heal its bearer for an additional 1% of their maximum life each time it attacks.
Jug of 1,000,000 Cups
Jug of 1,000 Cups hits two targets at a time.
Balance Patch - 11/29/17
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Does the level 7 talent take advantage of applying the duration buff that level 4 gives?
I haven't explored in try mode, but it really feels like it does.
Ok I was asking cause it reminded me of the bug that she used to have on her old version when the bounce effect would do massive healing when paired with the heal talent.
You probably get a slightly more efficient build with the more targets hit at 13 over spellpower
whats the mana efficiency like in this build? I haven't tried this build but I felt like I had infinite mana with the fast feet at level 1 so I always felt that was the strongest build XD
also serp builds just super underpreform
I bet that fast feet at 1 is best and that this isn't the optimal build -- but I'm 13-2 with this.
This build is good for splitting as it lets you drop a spirit on someone and then roam to other lanes while giving them some curing potential. But its mana heavy and doesn't give an effective way to burst heal so will suffer from some comps. I was shocked with how much healing it still did though but vs bursty teams I'd never take this build