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Created June 30, 2017

Stukov Test Build

Is it working? Let's hope so!
Spine Launcher
Basic Attacks become ranged and Slow enemies by 20% for 1.5 seconds, but deal 40% less damage
One Good Spread...
After a Healing Pathogen infests 3 targets, restore 10 Mana and reduce the cooldown of Healing Pathogen by 2 seconds.
The Long Pitch
Increase the range of Weighted Pustule by 100%.
Massive Shove
Extend Stukov's arm. If it hits an enemy Hero, they are rapidly shoved until they collide with terrain, taking 190 damage. Stukov gains 50 Armor while shoving an enemy.
Low Blow
Lurking Arm deals 150% more damage to enemy Heroes below 25% Health.
Pox Populi
Bio-Kill Switch no longer removes Healing Pathogen and instead extends its duration by 3 seconds.
Push Comes To Shove
Massive Shove travels 25% faster. If Massive Shove pushes a target for more than 1.25 seconds, its cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds.
Balance Patch - 6/28/17
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