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Created December 5, 2016

Melt Yo Face

Block Party
Using a Basic or Heroic ability also gives nearby allied Heroes a stack of Block, granting 75 Physical Armor against the next Hero Basic Attack for 8 seconds, reducing the damage taken by 50%. Maximum 2 stacks of Block.
Loud Speakers
Increases Face Melt range and knockback by 50%.
Echo Pedal
Using a Basic or Heroic ability releases two pulses of 15 damage. This deals 250% bonus damage to Minions, Mercenaries and Monsters. The first occurs instantly, the second occurs 2 seconds later.
Stage Dive
Leap to target location, landing after 2.75 seconds, dealing 330 damage to enemies in the area, and slowing them by 50% for 3 seconds.
Face Melt leaves an Amp behind, which will knock enemies away again 2 seconds later. Passive: Each enemy Hero hit by Face Melt or the Amp reduces your Heroic ability cooldown by 5%.
Show Stopper
After using Powerslide, E.T.C. gains 35 Armor for 4 seconds, reducing all damage taken by 35%.
Storm Shield
Activate to give all nearby allied Heroes a Shield for 20% of their max Health for 3 seconds.
Balance Update - 12/6
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