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Created June 2, 2017

Malthael Test Build

This is a test to make sure his builder is working!
Death's Reach
Increase Wraith Strike's range by 35%.
Throwing Shade
Quest: Hit 12 Heroes with Death Shroud. Reward: Permanently increase Death Shroud's range by 33%, and reduce its cooldown by 4 seconds and reduce the Mana cost of Death Shroud from 50 to 25. Additional functionality: Death Shroud’s initial impact deals 2% maximum Health as damage.
Touch of Death
Activate to reduce healing received by Heroes afflicted by Reaper's Mark by 50% for 4 seconds.
Last Rites
Apply a death sentence to an enemy Hero that, after 2 seconds, deals damage equal to 50% of their missing Health. Repeatable Quest: Enemies killed while under the effect of Last Rites permanently reduce its cooldown by 5 seconds, to a minimum of 15 seconds.
Shroud of Wisdom
After 2 seconds, gain 50 Spell Armor for 4 seconds.
Soul Collector
Reduce Soul Rip's cooldown by 0.5 seconds and increase its range by 25%.
Angel of Death
Last Rites heals for 100% of the damage dealt, and its current and future cooldown reduction bonuses are doubled.
Balance Patch - 5/31/17
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