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Created March 9, 2017

How I Drop That Beat

I currently have played 150 games on Lucio and have a win rate of 68%. Here's my favorite build.
Passing through or near an enemy Hero during Wall Ride's effect increases its Movement Speed bonus to 70% for 1 second.
Most go for We Move Together, which isn't totally wrong, it's just the easy answer. Slip allows you to scootch around near-dead enemies, boop them back into your team, and finish the job.
Increase the knockback of Soundwave by up to 50%, based on how close to you they are.
I have found that immediate value on Level 4 is too powerful to pass up in the hopes of completing the quest.
Party Mix
Quest: Support allies with your aura for a total of 8 minutes (supporting multiple allies rewards more time). Reward: Increase its radius by 20%.
Even with the nerf down to 20%, it's tough to top this.
Sound Barrier
After a 1 second delay, grant yourself and all nearby allied Heroes a 1296 point shield that rapidly decays over 6 seconds.
In solo queue, Sound Barrier is what saves lives. Without cleanse or a burst heal, you can bail your dudes out and also help start the fight. Resolving Barrier before Malfurion drops his Twilight Dream is beyond brutal.
Back in the Mix
Heal for 245 upon entering a Stun, Silence, or Time Stop effect. This cannot happen more than once every 10 seconds.
In this stun meta, Back In The Mix has saved my sweet buns more than I care to admit.
Up the Frequency
Amp It Up’s mana cost is reduced to 80 from 100, and dealing Basic Attack damage to enemy Heroes reduces the cooldown of Amp It Up by 0.45 seconds.
Here is the big talking point. Easily the most difficult to take advantage of on this tier, but provides a ton of value once you master it. Straight-up, being able to cast Amp It Up two, three, or four times in a team fight is bananas.
Using Crossfade while Amp It Up is active resets the duration of Amp It Up back to its max duration. This can only occur once per cast.
Heals and free speed. Speed, then free heals. And if you're rocking Up The Frequency at the highest level, you are literally tapping E every 4 seconds.
Balance Update - 2/27/17
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