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Created December 4, 2016

Dunks for Days

Increase the number of stacks of Annihilation gained by hitting Heroes with Globe of Annihilation from 2 to 3. Quest: After gaining 200 Annihilation, each enemy hit by Globe of Annihilation reduces its cooldown by 0.25 seconds, doubled against Heroes.
Army of Hell
Summon Demon Warrior spawns an additional Demon, but its cooldown is increased by 10 seconds.
Art of Chaos
If Globe of Annihilation hits 2 or more Heroes, restore 40 Mana and generate 4 Annihilation.
Tide of Sin
Activate to make the next Globe of Annihilation cost no Mana and deal 50% more damage.
Chain of Command
Demon Lieutenants also grant 25% increased damage to nearby friendly Minions, Mercenaries, and Azmodan's summoned Demons. Decreases the cooldown of Demon Lieutenants by 2 seconds.
Total Annihilation
Globe of Annihilation damages Heroes for an additional 4% of their maximum Health.
Black Pool
Globes of Annihilation empowered by Tide of Sin also leave a Black Pool at their impact location for 5 seconds. Enemies within the pool lose 8 Armor per second, up to 15, and take 56 damage per second.
Balance Update - 12/6
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