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Created December 4, 2016

BoE Build

Amateur Opponent
Twin Blades attacks deal 150% bonus damage versus non-Heroic enemies.
Shield Battery
Shield Overload's cooldown recharges 125% faster while its shield is active, and the shield duration is increased by 1 second.
Psionic Synergy
Hitting an enemy Hero with Phase Prism grants Artanis 30 Armor for 3 seconds.
Suppression Pulse
Fire a large area pulse from the Spear of Adun, dealing 114 damage and Blinding enemies for 4 seconds. Unlimited range.
Phase Bulwark
While Artanis has shields from Shield Overload, gain 50 Spell Armor. This Armor lasts for 2 seconds after Shield Overload expires
Shield Surge
Increases Shield Overload's Shields by 75% while you are below 25% Health.
Force of Will
Casting Basic Abilities reduces the cooldown of Shield Overload by 5 seconds.
Balance Update - 12/6
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Theory behind this build? Cz its a bit unusual and I would like to hear your thought
Hey! I actually was just throwing a build together to make sure this system on the site was working (the build date is Dec. 2016) -- so, I ended up just clicking things. Ha!