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Created April 18, 2017

The Rise of Uther

Hey guys Thuranduil here back with a new support build to play Uther! I have tried a bunch of games with him and my team on PTR and this is the one I found to be absolutely insane. Though this is (in my opinion) the go-to build, new Uther is pretty flexible that has a lot of talents that provide good synergy. Hope you enjoy the build and let me know what you think below!
Wave of Light
Quest: Damage or heal Heroes 60 times with Holy Radiance. Reward: Increase the duration of Devotion by 1 second. Passive: Damaging or healing Heroes with Holy Radiance refunds 10 Mana and reduces its cooldown by 1 second.
To start this build, Wave of Light is a must. Having an extra second of armor allows you, and your enabled teammates (whether it is a tank or assassin) to stay in longer in drawn out fights. Armor in this game has become highly underrated in my opinion and people have not seen the value it can provide. If you play the new Uther as "Battle Uther" then you should have no problem building stacks with his W. Once completed, the refunding mana and CD reduction can prove a ton of value. This talent will stack very nicely with Guardian of Ancient Kings that I will get into later.
Pursuit of Justice
Hammer of Justice increases Uther's Movement Speed by 20% for 3 seconds.
A lot of people have been getting value with Holy Shock. Though it is a really good talent, I found that the movement speed from Pursuit of Justice is insane. There are a couple reasons why: 1) When you stun an enemy you are able to body block them very easily and let your team do the rest. 2) Movement speed allows you to have the ability to peel for your squishies and absorb long range damage like a Li Ming Orb for example. 3) Having mobility on a hero that isn't mobile at all, is a great buff in itself!
Guardian of Ancient Kings
Healing a Hero that is Stunned, Rooted, or Silenced increases the Armor bonus they receive from Devotion from 25 to 75.
Now this is the talent that took a lot of testing but found so much greatness in all three talents. Guardian of Ancient Kings ranks #1, Hand of Protection at a very close second, and Armor of Faith third; though having its niche pick when you are constantly being targeted you'll want to pair this up with the level 16 Beacon of Light talent.
Now to talk about why I believe Guardian of Ancient Kings is so good. In the current meta, heavy CC is a must and always present in nearly about all games you play whether its competitive, team league, hero league and even quick match. Giving someone 75 armor is a CRAZY number. 75 armor negates a lot of damage that will keep the target alive. Let's take this example: Ragnaros uses sulfurus smash on top of a follow up stun or burst damage from a mage, it doesn't matter if the target got cleansed because the damage is so high that they will die either way. Now if you give a target 75 armor they have a much higher chance (though will be stunned) to survive. In my view, I think the priority of cleanse shouldn't be a do or die talent. Though don't get me wrong Cleanse (and of course Hand of Protection) or GREAT utility spells that offer a ton to the support kit, I also realize some of the best supports in the game (Lucio and Auriel) do not have cleanse and often beat out teams that have heavy CC. 25 to 75 Armor might not seem much but if your team gets Moshed Pit and you are the only one out of it one Holy Radiance will save the day!
Divine Shield
Make an allied Hero Invulnerable and increase their Movement Speed by 20% for 3 seconds.
Divine Shield is still the better ult, but do not believe for a second that Divine Storm doesn't have its strong use as well.
Well Met
When used against Heroes, Hammer of Justice reduces the target's Movement Speed and damage dealt by 25% for 3 seconds.
Well Met (paired with the level 4 talent Pursuit of Justice) allows for Uther to make himself a presence in the battlefield. Blessed Champion is still a decent talent, I just don't think it provides as much healing as it should to be in par with Well Met. Having your movement speed at level 4 increased by 20% and decreasing a movement speed (and damage) of the enemy hero by 25% allows Uther to play really aggressive and also peel for his backline! Great talent overall.
Tyr's Deliverance
Allied healed by Holy Radiance receive 40% increased healing from all sources for 6 seconds.
Now many people believe that Benediction (though still a great talent) is still the go-to talent. I have to disagree here and go with Tyr's Deliverance. If you read the patch notes, Blizzard decided to nerf the healing numbers to both Holy Light and Holy Radiance. Now with Tyr's Deliverance, and in a meta that is shifting to DOUBLE SUPPORT, this talent is insane. It provides higher numbers and more burst heal than benediction and it also enables the double support meta that has been seeing a ton of play especially in HGC EU (and growing in NA). I believe to the nerfs of Uther heals, this talent allows him to hit a power spike to increase the healing numbers which will prove extremely helpful in burst comps of course.
Divine Protection
Devotion now stacks twice, and its duration is refreshed when applied.
In my opinion old Uther got most of his value when he sometimes would suicide in and Eternal Devotion would save the day. Though it is still true with new Uther, I do not believe he gets most value out of death anymore! With the talents that I paired up with together, Divine Protection gets a ton of value because of the the Wave of Light talent (now at this point providing an extra second to Devotion (armor)) it is able to stack twice on top of each other. Your team becomes a 5-man tank squad especially versus a heavy CC team which then in-turn you get your heavy value from Guardian of Ancient Kings! That is SO much armor that in my opinion can prove to have more value than coming back to life especially if your team has a secondary support like Lucio or Malfurion!
Balance Patch - 4/4/17
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