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Created July 4, 2018

Feel the healing beat

This is my go-to Lucio build when I play Hero League (silver/gold league). 
Maximum Tempo
Quest: Kill 5 enemy Heroes while Speed Boost is active. Reward: Permanently increase the Amp It Up bonus of Crossfade's Speed Boost to 60%.
I believe speed boost is as effective as healing for saving your team, which is why i like to take Maximum Tempo as it encourages using the speed boost and rewards you nicely for doing so. The 60% boost for your team can be very useful, especially if you happen to complete your quest fairly quickly (which I find I do in lower ranks).
Increase the knockback of Soundwave by up to 50%, based on how close to you they are.
I find the added knockback is extremely useful for peeling for your team (when on the defence) and also for setting up kills (when on the attack). This ability allows me to play both safer or more aggressive depending on the game.
Party Mix
Quest: Support allies with your aura for a total of 8 minutes (supporting multiple allies rewards more time). Reward: Increase its radius by 20%.
Sound Barrier
After a 1 second delay, grant yourself and all nearby allied Heroes a 1296 point shield that rapidly decays over 6 seconds.
Sound Barrier gives you and all nearby allies an incredibly amount of shield, there is a slight delay on the cast time so be sure to use it in time to save your team. For this reason, I try to use my ultimate when I believe my team will be in trouble and a huge amount of damage is about to be dealt.
Back in the Mix
Heal for 245 upon entering a Stun, Silence, or Time Stop effect. This cannot happen more than once every 10 seconds.
Back in the Mix can save your life and buy enough time for you to escape as it provides an instant burst of healing when you are under crowd control. Careful though, it has a 10 second cool down!
While Amp It Up is active, Crossfade’s Healing Boost heals for an additional 2.5% of the target’s maximum health per second.
Bossa Nova
Reduce the cooldown of Sound Barrier to 30 seconds, but the shield now decays over 4 seconds (from 6).
Once you've hit level 16 and 20 and take Rejuvenescencia and Bossa Nova, you become a tough support with amazing healing and shield power.
PTR Update - 7/2/18
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