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Created December 10, 2018

Damage Tyrande/ 2 healers game

Played a game on stream with 2 healers and decided to go a more damage based build with Tyrande than usual. Still does a fair amount of healing but also packs a powerful punch! 
Elune's Chosen
Activate to make Tyrande's Basic Attacks heal the target ally for 175% of the damage dealt. Lasts for 8 seconds.
Trueshot Aura
Passive: Basic Attack damage increased by 30%. Activate to reset the cooldown of Hunter's Mark, increase the bonus of Trueshot Aura to 30% and apply it to other nearby allied Heroes for 5 seconds.
Celestial Attunement
Light of Elune removes Stuns, Silences, and Slows from its target.
Deal 92 damage per second and Slow enemies by 20% in an area. Lasts 6 seconds.
Harsh Moonlight
Sentinel Slows enemies hit by 35% and reduces their damage dealt by 35% for 4 seconds.
Reduce Sentinel's cooldown by 3 seconds. Heroes hit by Sentinel takes bonus damage equal to 7% of their maximum Health.
Celestial Wrath
Increase the Slow of Starfall to 40% and cause it to apply Hunter's Mark to enemy Heroes while inside of its area of effect.
Balance Patch - 11/28/18
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