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October 16, 2018

Initial Mal'Ganis Main Tank Build

This is the current build I'm messing around with for Mal'Ganis as a main tank, there's a few notes on the tiers I'm experimenting with.
Time to Feed
Mal'Ganis heals for 48 when damaging a nearby enemy Hero. This can occur once every 6 seconds against each enemy Hero.
Extra healing for you means staying alive longer. Good for a tank. If you've got some good auto attackers though, I think Vampiric Aura could be quite good too.
Fueled by Torment
While Necrotic Embrace is active, Mal'Ganis heals for 11 when damage is taken and Vampiric Touch converts 15% more Hero damage into healing.
Extra healing for when you're taking the brunt of the damage plus you're healing more for the damage you're dealing, sounds pretty awesome for tanking. I could also see Might of Sargeras if the enemy team is really bursty to mitigate the damage on the initial engage.
Will of Tichondrius
The third slash of Fel Claws steals 3% of maximum Health from enemy Heroes.
I would say this talent or Black Claws. Remember, all damage equals more sustain, so Will is good if the enemy has a hardy front line, but Black Claws could be good if they're a bit softer. That talent also will change up your rotation because you'll want to get an auto in between Q's instead of just spamming it then attacking at the end.
Carrion Swarm
After 1 second, disperse into an Invulnerable swarm of bats for 3 seconds, dealing 63 damage per second to enemies. Vampiric Touch heals for 75% of Carrion Swarm's damage to Heroes.
I've been leaning a little more towards Carrion Swarm, but I feel like both Heroics could be completely viable. Dark Conversion is a bit riskier if the enemy team can stun you out of it or melt you down before the heal goes through, as you need to be fairly low, and the target decently high to get value from it.
Deep Sleep
Increase Night Rush's Sleep duration by 0.75 seconds and its Movement Speed bonus by 10%.
I like Deep Sleep simply for the extra move speed because, especially if you're chasing someone, it has a little windup so this will help you get to them faster and let you get into position to bodyblock easier with the extra sleep duration.
Plague Bats
Necrotic Embrace unleashes a wave of bats in front of Mal'Ganis, dealing 81 damage.
For a Main Tank this is probably the best way to go, as again, damage equals sustain. This does add an extra element of skill as you will have to be facing the right direction to get value from it. I also love Blind as a Bizzat as well but it is probably not the best if you are a solo tank, seeing as you're removing the ability to see your teammates and block or peel for them adequately, but could work fine if you were in a two tank situation.
Seeker Swarm
Upon expiring, Carrion Swarm's bats seek nearby enemy Heroes, dealing 132 damage and Sleeping them for 2.5 seconds.
This just seems too good to pass up, especially as a Main Tank. This is an extra layer of CC that is added into your Heroic, and could be great for both chasing or disengaging.
Balance Patch - 9/25/18
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