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Created April 5, 2018

Deckard Cain Talent Analysis

Updated 25th June 2018.

TL;DR: If you like Stukov, you will like Deckard Cain.

Main combo: W+E+Lorenado for more CC and displacement, W+E+Stay awhile and listen+Cancel R before E hits to reposition safely

A difference between a good Cain and a bad Cain: how much you spam your Q potions (every 2 seconds) and how good your combos are (try to land combos if you have the follow up, not just to stack your quest)

Lvl 13 (AoE AAs) is really strong with any hero that autoattacks every 1 second (it has an internal 1 second CD).
Scroll of Identify
Quest: Hitting an enemy Hero with Scroll of Sealing permanently increases its damage by 2. Reward: After hitting 15 Heroes, Scroll of Sealing reveals and reduces the Armor of Heroes hit by 10 for 4 seconds. Reward: After hitting 30 Heroes this talent's Armor reduction effect is increased to 15 and its duration to 6 seconds.
* Sapphire, having the 25% slow increase, can help to carry the team through rotations by ganking people or setting up AoE combos.

* Field Study (30% spell power for 14 seconds) in a 4 man vs 4 man maps to heal more and deal more damage late game.

* Scroll of Identity (-15 armor + 16 sec reveal) is the standard lvl 1 choice. Your allies can easily follow up on your root, granting them +15% more damage on all their abilities. 16 second reveal is also quite annoying for the enemy - it denies ganks out of vision for 16+ seconds.
Potion of Shielding
Whenever an ally is healed by a Healing Potion, they gain a 140 Shield for 6 seconds
* Ruby (drops 570 (1200+ in lategame) lesser heals near EACH of your W targets) to power spike your healing in a melee dive comp (just 2 tanks do the trick). It also creates an additional source of your healing and synergies insanely well with Perfect Gems at 20.

* Rejuvenation Potion (heal overtime + 10 to 20 mana) is better if your team doesn't really trade HP the way melee heroes do. Pick this when your team is 4 backline mages that can't get value from Ruby.

* Potion of Shielding (135 (300 lategame) shield for 6 sec) - if you constantly teamfight then this is more healing per second than Rejuventation Potion by 25%, but less burst healing than Ruby.
Kanai’s Cube
Horadric Cube reduces Hero damage dealt by 30% for 4 seconds.
* Kanai's Cube to improve your ganking and teamfight strength. You can cast your Ws on mages and divers and remove 30% of their burst.

* Cube Mastery (W reduces E cd by 3 sec for each hero hit, need just 2-3 hits to spam your E) isn't really needed, but could work in a 2+ support comps where you just want more damage.

* Emerald (-75% healing for 4 sec) if you're a good at hitting Ws before the Ancestral/Palm/Arthas ghouls/Dehaka healing or any easily seen healing - Morales beam, Alexstrasza circle, and so on. Additionally, this talent helps you to setup AoE teamwipes by reducing the healing inside of your W+E combo.
Stay Awhile and Listen
After 1 second, Channel for 3 seconds, putting enemy Heroes in front of Deckard to Sleep while Channeling, and for 2 seconds after. Enemies can only be put to Sleep once per cast, and Sleep's effects end instantly if they take damage.
* Stay Awhile and Listen sleep effect is one of the most effective zoning tools in the game that works like the Void Prison. You can use it from fog of war for maximum effectiveness as well. It works better with a setup and it has a strong lvl 20 upgrade (2 sec AoE silence + blind, removing all dmg sources). DO NOT PICK THIS WITH CONSTAND AOE EFFECTS like Arthas' E, Burning cloaks (like the one Tyrael has at lvl 16 or Uther at lvl 4) and bad teammates that will attack the sleeping heroes, ruining the whole setup.

* Lorenado on small maps (Tomb, Braxis to control the point/pay), you can use it a lot with a 45 sec cd. Really good at denying the enemy an escape through the gates/chokes, which is the main way of using it.
Ancient Blessings
Activate Fortitude of the Faithful to empower nearby allied Hero Basic Attacks for 8 seconds, causing them to deal an additional 62 damage in an area and heal for 90 for each Hero hit. This effect can only occur once per second.
* Ancient Blessings (all allies deal bonus AoE AA dmg and heal against heroes). What a lvl 13, even if it only works once every second. Honestly feels broken with Fenix/Greymane/Cassia/Tracer and other fast attacking heroes. Additional damage aside, this is a great activator for your AA heroes, really hard to pass this if you trust your assassin. It can also work as a pseudo ice-block, granting you a lot of self healing while you spam alt+Q. It also helps you to race the objective on Battlefield of Eternity. That said, it's niche and you won't make use of it every game.

* Potion of Revival, on the other hand, is a safe choice, which will make your healing AoE (!) and increase it to 160% in a 5 man. It's mostly good against non-AoE slow damage comps.

* Super Healing Potion (Q heals more after 2 secs) - hard to use if you always drop potions on top of your allies, but it's very good otherwise. Great synergy with Bottomless Flask
Safety in Numbers
If at least 2 allied Heroes are nearby, Fortitude of the Faithful grants an additional 10 Armor, 50% Mana Regeneration per second, and causes Deckard's Basic Abilities to recharge an additional 50% faster.
* Safety in Numbers (3 allied heroes double trait effectiveness) is a great power spike for your healing. Must take if you went Potion of Revival at lvl 13. Just make sure to roam in a 4-man.

* Scroll of Stone Curse (E deals thrice the dmg) is the dmg choice if you're to be able to survive all the enemy dive. If your team doesn't group even when you call it out, go for this talent.

* Horadric Staff. Your attacks are melee range, making this talent quite bad in practice. It's mostly good against enemy divers like Tracer and Genji that are weak to stuns and CC chains.
Bottomless Flask
After use, Healing Potions recharge after 8 seconds.
* Respect the Elderly. OpieOP, press R to win. Turn off the enemy team completely for 2 seconds, all you need to do is not get stunned for 1 second.

* Morenados! (reduce cd by 5 sec for each hero hit) isn't good in comparison to other lvl 20 talents. It's better to have more healing than Morenados.

* Perfect Gems (reduce gem cd by 25 sec and W by 5 sec) is great, letting you use your W every few seconds, but it can't really compete with the Bottomless Flask healing. It's best with Ruby at lvl 4 - you'll get Ancestral's worth of healing every 5 to 8 seconds.

* Bottomless Flask (healing potions on the ground recharge after 5 seconds, doubling your healing on the potions you already threw if you teamfight in the same area) is the best healing talent in the game, allowing your tanks to tank a keep and still be at 100% hp. Additionally, it's better on maps where you fight for the objective in the same spot (Infernal Shrines, Volskaya). It loses a bit of value with Safety in Numbers at 16 because of how fast your potions are back up with that talent, but it's very good healing overall.
Balance Patch - 3/27/18
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level 13 talent has an internal cooldown of 1 sec per proc, so it's super good but it won't affect every tracer AA.
stealdeath Huh, good to know, otherwise it would break the game :D Still great with most AA heroes though
No doubt! Still a great talent.
Short, but sweet. Excellent explanation of each talent, and when to take them!
Æthereal thank you! :)
Great analysis> have to say I found both Super Healing Potion and Endless Flask really awesome at first, but when you stop to think about it both might be very difficult to use properly. Specially because I assume trowing potions on top of people will count to your 5 maximum, making it hard to setup.
Chronos, I think so too, especially when people can mindlessly grab your potions without realizing that you have to wait for 2 seconds to get more healing :D