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Created January 17, 2018

OffLane Bully Tyrael

Justice For All
Increase the Shield applied to allies by Righteousness to 80% of the Shield gained by Tyrael.
allows insane shields on the wave, thus bullying heroes such as dehaka who only have 1 real wave clear ability
Stalwart Angel
Gain 25 Armor while El'druin's Might is active, and for 3 seconds after teleporting.
This armor becomes an almost %100 uptime late game, allowing Tyrael to 1v1 many heroes
Purge Evil
Each enemy Hero hit by Smite increases Tyrael's Basic Attack damage by 60% for 4 seconds.
This talent further enhances Tyrael's ability to become a bully not only in 1v1s, but in full team fights. The buff from this ability stacks for EVERY hero hit - not just 1 - meaning at level 7 Tyrael's auto attack can hit for over 400 damage if multiple heroes are hit.
After 0.5 seconds, create a field of holy energy that makes allied Heroes Invulnerable. Lasts 3 seconds.
un needed explanation
Holy Ground
Create a ring for 3 seconds that blocks enemies from entering the area teleported to using El'druin's Might.
un needed explanation
Horadric Reforging
Tyrael's Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of El'druin's Might by 2 seconds.
Seal of El'Druin
Using a Basic Ability grants 50% Attack Speed for 3 seconds.
Balance Patch - 1/16/17
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